SOA President's LinkedIn Page

SOA President Mike Lombardi shares insights and developments involving the global profession.


Coverage for One and for All?

The next article in the commercial health care web exclusive series highlights the impact of the individual mandate and guaranteed issue in the individual health care market.

Spot Trends & Share Environmental Observations

Help us identify trends that may impact the industry and profession. Participate in this short volunteer opportunity with the environmental observation process.


New Report Holds Keys to Diversity and Inclusion

Participants in a study were asked to consider this statement: "The actuarial profession is not as diverse as it should be." Read the study for somewhat surprising statistics.


Making a Difference - Shaping a New Future

Learn from industry leaders about the future of the profession, long-term care financing in Asia, stochastic investment planning, genetic testing impact on insurance and much more at this year's Asia Pacific Symposium. May 24-25, Seoul, South Korea. 

Section Elections: Take a Seat at the Leadership Table

Consider a leadership role on your professional interest section council. Express your interest now.


Straight Talk: Perspectives on Communication

Good communication is key to building and maintaining relationships and team spirit in the workplace. Read The Actuary to learn how to grow as communicators.


Professionalism in Practice Course: Beijing

Join us May 29 in Beijing to study, discuss and explore the professionalism practice, code of conduct and application to the actuarial profession. 

Exclusive E-Learning Modules

Advance technical and communication skills training, the most up-to-date information and methodologies. It's time for the SOA general insurance actuarial organization. 

Thank You Volunteers!

The work you do is truly amazing. You inspire us. You teach us. You motivate us to be better people. We celebrate you. Thank you for all you do.