Intro to GI Exam Open

Registration is now open for the Introduction to General Insurance Exam in August. 

Certificate in Predictive Analytics

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Become a Center of Actuarial Excellence

Submit your application to be considered to become a CAE school. Deadlines approaching. 

What Was Your Path to Predictive Analytics?

The evolution of the actuarial career related to predictive analytics, data science and AI is unique to each member. How have you gained from the SOA’s education and professional development to get where you are in your career? Let us use your story to inspire others!  

NAIC Approves SOA GI Track for Qualified Actuary Education

After a thorough review of the SOA’s general insurance Fellowship specialty track, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) concluded that the SOA’s GI track is an NAIC Accepted Actuarial Designation, meeting NAIC standards of a qualified actuary in general insurance, pending some modest and agreed-upon updates to the curriculum. Learn more about what this means.


You Can Learn a Lot by Listening

Learn how to use narrative analysis to understand the "why" in consumer behavior trends. Read The Actuary.