Predictive Analytics Seminar in Malaysia

Save the date for this seminar that will take place Aug. 27 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Predictive Analytics Seminar in Taiwan

Under the banner of "Expanding Opportunity and Guiding the Future" this seminar will take place Aug. 31 in Taipei, Taiwan. Find out more. 


Essay Contest: Are There Risks Using Predictive Analytics?

Submit your 500-word essay explaining the possible risks posed by using predictive models. Start writing now!


Predictive Analytics Seminar in Hong Kong

Find out how collaboration across businesses using predictive analytics is bringing about a new era for risk management. Join us Aug. 29 in Hong Kong for the Predictive Analytics Seminar. 


Connecting in Seoul

The SOA and the Institute of Actuaries of Korea (IAK) held a candidate event on May 22 in Seoul, Korea. Read about it. 

Actuaries in Nontraditional Roles

Learn about the different roles of actuaries in working with predictive analytics. 

The Society of Actuaries in China

Learn about the latest developments in the industry in China. 

New SOA Educational Pathways

Find out what is new in the SOA Educational Pathways.


The Challenges of Climate Change

The global actuarial profession is taking seriously its responsibility to help humanity face the challenges that climate change poses to our society. Read The Actuary.