Attest Your CPD

It's that time of year - don't forget to complete your attestation of the CPD requirement.

Meet the Recipients of the 2019 SOA Partner Volunteer Award

Every year, non-SOA member volunteers who help our organization are honored with the SOA Partner Volunteer Award. Kudos to this year's recipients.

Member Dues Are Due!

Don't forget to pay your 2020 SOA membership dues.

Calling Centers of Actuarial Excellence

Submit your application to be a CAE by Jan. 10. 

Hickman Scholars Program 

Submit your application for the 2020-2021 Hickman Scholar Program by Feb. 14, 2020.

Call for Proposals - Health Meeting

Submit a proposal for the Health Meeting that will take place June 8-10 in Chicago by Dec. 20.


Is 100 the New 80? 

Explore how increased longevity affects social, financial, health care and retirement systems. Jan. 13-15 in Lake Buena Vista, FL.


Actions Do Speak Louder Than Words

Courage and leadership: Walk the talk for collaborative teamwork. Read The Actuary.