2020 Valuation Actuary Virtual Symposium

Empower your career with the latest valuation and financial reporting concepts. Join us Aug. 31-Sept. 2

Oct./Nov. Exam Scheduling for Canadian Candidates

Read an update about Prometric test center seats in Canada for the October/November fellowship exams.

Insights from the SOA Board Meeting

Read about the SOA Board discussions on the future of the organization, the impact of COVID-19 and efforts on diversity and inclusion among other topics. 


COVID: Get a Bigger Picture

See what actuaries are learning about a global health crisis from the confines of home. Read "Suboptimally Decompartmentalized" in The Actuary.

Insights on Canadian Pension Plan  Payments

A new report from the SOA and Canadian Institute of Actuaries examines the financial consequences of delaying CPP payments.


Future Long-Term Care in Canada

Jill Harper, FSA, CERA, FCIA Vice Chair of Communications for the Canadian Institute of Actuaries Research Council discusses Future Long-Term Care in Canada with R. Dale Hall, FSA, CERA, MAAA, CFA. 

Conversations with the SOA: Sign Up Today!

The SOA has launched a series of one-hour video chats with members in Canada. Topics include pandemic modelling, racial diversity, changes in the workplace and more. Register today and talk with the SOA!

Section Elections - Voting Opens Soon

Get to know the candidates for the 2020 Section Elections. Voting opens Aug. 17 and closes Sept. 4.


Cutting Through the Noise

Modeling actuaries: Learn about the wide range of potential uses to leverage artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Solutions may be just an application away.