The Actuary Magazine - Contributing Editors

The contributing editors serve a two-year term and make up the volunteer editorial board. Working with the SOA staff editor and the staff actuaries, the goal of the contributing editors is to ensure each area of practice receives the appropriate coverage and there is something of interest for every member in each issue.

Each contributing editor is primarily responsible for content related to one area of practice or arena. Contributing editors will be linked to the areas of practice for the purpose of identifying key issues that could be developed into articles.

Volunteer Contributing Editor Position

Current Contributing Editors

Richard Berger, FSA, EA, MAAA

Mark Birdsall, FSA, FCA, MAAA

Robert L. Brown, FSA, ACAS, FCIA, HONFIA

Andy Ferris, FSA, FCA, MAAA

Sarah Hinchey, FSA, CERA, MAAA

Achille Sime, FSA, CERA, MAAA, FIAF

Ksenia Whittal, FSA, MAAA

Xu (Vincent) Xuan, FSA, CFA, MAAA

Larry Zhao, FSA, CERA

Education Consultant

Lorne W. Schinbein, FSA, MAAA

SOA Staff Contacts

Patrick Gould
Managing Director of Marketing
& Communications

Cheré LaRose
Director of Member and Candidate

Julia Anderson Bauer
Publications Manager

Jacque Kirkwood
Magazine Staff Editor