2014 Investment Symposium


March 13 - 14, 2014


New York Marriott Marquis
New York, NY

  • Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving
  • Results-Oriented Solutions
  • Relationship Management & Interpersonal Collaboration
  • Professional Values
  • External Forces & Industry Knowledge

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Who Should Attend: Investment professionals, risk managers, finance professionals and investment or corporate actuaries.

The investment landscape today is unlike any other in modern history - moderate growth in the economy, low inflation, yet persistently high unemployment, and "unconventional" monetary actions designed to stimulate growth while increasing the money supply at a rapid rate. Valuations in many asset classes seem stretched, while macro-economic risk is high. Regulatory constraints are on the rise, placing additional constraints on the investment process, while the political process is mired in discord. This combination of powerful, yet conflicting forces makes investment strategy and risk analysis more important - and more challenging - than ever.

The Investment Symposium is a day-and-a-half seminar focused on the many challenges facing investors and risk managers. We’ll explore practical solutions to address risks like regulatory restraints and their affects on the investment process, uncertainty regarding extraordinary central banks accommodation and tapering, congressional dysfunction and the impact of all of these on valuations across asset classes and more, while learning about how to take advantage of new opportunities created. New trends in portfolio management will be explored to try to improve returns while controlling risk. Cutting edge research in retirement and asset-liability management will be presented to assist insurance and pension investment professionals.

***Noted speakers both academic and practitioners will present, including Bob Merton and Bob Litterman as well as Attilio Meucci, Brett Hammond, Don Ezra, FIA, Edward Qian, Evan Inglis, Jacob Rosengarten, Jason Hsu, Jeff Jacobs, Joe Koltisko, Josh Davis, Maria Ramirez, Meir Statman, Richard Michaud, Robert Cultraro, Robert Leary, Seth Masters and others.***

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Demonstrating the listening, writing and speaking skills required to effectively address diverse technical and nontechnical audiences in both formal and informal settings.

Professional Values

Adhering to standards of professional conduct and practice where all business interactions are based on a foundation of integrity, honesty and impartiality.

External Forces & Industry Knowledge

Identifying and incorporating the implications of economic, social, regulatory, geo-political and business changes into the design and delivery of actuarial solutions.


Initiating, innovating, inspiring, creating or otherwise acting to influence others regardless of level or role toward a common goal.

Relationship Management & Interpersonal Collaboration

Creating mutually beneficial relationships and work processes toward a common goal.

Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving

Applying the actuarial knowledge, skills and judgment required to provide value-added services.

Strategic Insight & Integration

Anticipating trends and strategically aligning actuarial practice with broader organizational business goals.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Providing effective problem solving that addresses relevant interests and needs.