2009 9th Annual Product Development Actuary Symposium

Below you will find presentations for the 9th Annual 2009 Product Development Actuary Symposium, held June 29–30, in Los Angeles, CA. Please note that some sessions have multiple presentations from different authors/presenters.

  • Opening General Session - Brave New World or Back to the Future
    Ed Spehar, Managing Director, Banc of America-Merrill Lynch
  • Group Luncheon Session–'THE 39 STEPS' To Product Development: Cross–Industry Insights
    Ajit Prabhu,Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • 1a: 'It Came From Outer Space' A Regulatory and Tax Update For Out of This World Life Insurance Products
    Brian King FSA, MAAA, Managing Director, SMART Business Advisory and Consulting, LLC; Kory Olsen FSA, MAAA, CERA, Assistant Vice President, Pacific Life
  • 1b/3a: An Epic Story of Our Times–Variable Annuity Guarantees–New Complexity in Uncertain Economic Times
    John Fenton FSA, Principal, Towers Perrin; Joel Prough FSA, Vice President, Product Development, Sun Life Financial
  • 1c/3d: Death Wish 6–Mortality Topics: Current Topics In Mortality
    Doug Doll FSA, MAAA, Consulting Actuary, Towers Perrin; Jay D Biehl FSA, MAAA, Senior Vice President, Hannover Life Reassurance Co of America
  • 1d/3e: The Illustration Actuary–It's Not a Bad Illustration, It's Only Drawn That Way
    Keith Dall FSA, MAAA, Consulting Actuary, Milliman Inc;Delmer Borah FSA, MAAA,
    Second Vice President & Actuary, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co
  • 1e/2b: Are You Making a Classic Or a Penny Dreadful? Setting Long-Term Assumptions In a Short Term World
    Cathy Bierschbach FSA, MAAA, Vice President, Transamerica Insurance & Investments; Greg Roemelt FSA, MAAA, Senior Consultant, Towers Perrin
  • 2a/3c: For Your Consideration–Permanent Products
    Kim Curley FSA, MAAA, Head of Product Development, ING; Rob Stone FSA, MAAA, Principal and Consulting Actuary, Milliman
  • 2c. 'It's A Wonderful Life' When You Understand Current Regulatory and Tax Issues for Annuity Products
    Andy Ferris FSA, MAAA, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP; Sue Saip FSA, MAAA
    Consulting Actuary, Milliman
  • 2d/3b: 'A STAR IS BORN!' Introducing the Product Development Process–A Disciplined Approach (a follow-up to the luncheon presentation)
    Ajit Prabhu, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • 2e. Action Adventures In Underwriting–'Without A Trace'–How Can We Get The Greatest Benefit From Lab Testing?
    Robert Stout, Ph.D., President and Director, Clinical Reference Laboratory; Michael Fulks MD, Consulting Medical Director, Mike Fulks
  • 4a/6c: 'The Money Pit'–Reflecting the Risks We Are Taking In Pricing Products
    Dominique Lebel, Senior Consultant, Towers Perrin; Brian Campbell FSA, MAAA–Presenter
    Actuary, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
  • 4b/5d: 'The Incredible Shrinking Profit Line' Measuring Profitability
    Elinor Friedman FSA, Principal, Towers Perrin; Eric Clapprood FSA, CERA
    Sr. Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • 4c/5a: Term Insurance Update–Mad Max: Beyond the Term Insurance Apocalypse
    Kevin Howard FSA, MAAA, Senior VP & Chief Product Actuary, Protective Life Corp; Lisa Hollenbeck Renetzky FSA,MAAA, Vice President, Life Product Services, RGA Reinsurance Company
  • 4d/6b: Innovation in Income Annuities: When Will We Break Box Office Records?
    Kim McSheridan, Vice President, Symetra Life Ins Co; Mitchell Katcher FSA, MAAA, Deloitte
  • 5b/6d: Critics Choice–The Future Is No More Uncertain Than The Present: The Outlook For Annuity Products
    Novian E Junus FSA, Consulting Actuary, Milliman Inc; Robert J Scheinerman FSA, Senior Vice President, SunAmerica
  • 5c/6a: Reinsurance Topics–'The Wild Bunch'–Have The Reinsurers Gone Crazy?
    Jerome Matrundola FSA, RGA International Corporation