Staff Directory

Staff Executive Team and Support

Greg Heidrich Executive Director +1-847-706-3510
Stacy Lin Deputy Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer +1-847-706-3550
Sheree Baker Sr. Director, Governance +1-847-706-3565
Michael Boot Managing Director, Sections & Practice Advancement (SPA) +1-847-706-3536
Patrick Gould Managing Director, Marketing & Communications +1-847-706-3615
Ken Guthrie Managing Director, Education +1-847-706-3543
Dale Hall Managing Director, Research +1-847-273-8835
Ann Henstrand Sr. Director, International +1-847-273-8810
Carol Kozlowski Sr. Director, Human Resources +1-847-706-3569
Richard Veys General Counsel +1-847-706-3524
Cathy Powers Executive Administrative Assistant +1-847-706-3568

Customer Service Team

Laura Kibiloski Manager, Customer Service +1-847-273-8801
Lois Caracci Customer Service Representative +1-847-706-3533
Linda Lococo Lead Customer Service Representative +1-847-273-8806
Susan Maki Customer Service Representative +1-847-273-8802
Tricia Novielli Customer Service-Membership Representative +1-847-273-8803
Marni Smith Lead Customer Service Representative +1-847-706-3583

Education Team

Ken Guthrie Managing Director, Education +1-847-706-3543
Anna Abel Professional Development Administrator +1-847-706-3584
Colleen Bagnasco Sr. Director, Events +1-847-706-3541
Sherri Blyth Manager, Instructional Design +1-847-706-3635
Anthony Cappelletti Staff Fellow, General Insurance +1-847-273-8832
Nidhi Chokshi Candidate Support Coordinator +1-847-706-3594
Lisa Collins Registration Specialist +1-847-273-8808
Mark Dulceak Examination Services Coordinator +1-847-273-8831
Denise Eiring Sr. Meeting and Exhibits Planner +1-847-706-3516
Leslie Fausher Manager, E-Learning +1-847-706-3547
Kathy Husak Manager, Exam Administration +1-847-706-3589
Ania Jaroszek Exam Center Logistics Administrator +1-847-706-3593
Brittany Kaszubski
Examination Services Administrative Assistant
Stuart Klugman Sr. Staff Fellow, Education +1-847-706-3590
Scott Lennox Staff Fellow, General Insurance +1-416-254-6320
Gena Long Director, Professionalism & University Relations +1-847-706-3582
Melanie Mobley E-Learning Specialist +1-847-706-3613
Sarah Phelps Education Services Project Specialist +1-847-706-3574
Brett Rogers Registrar & Director, Exam Analysis +1-847-706-3586
Michelle Scherer  Meeting Planner  +1-847-273-8830
Jacky Schweinzger  Director, Meetings and Events  +1-847-706-3540
Jay Semla Sr. Professional Development Administrator +1-847-706-3624
Rick Shales Exam Development Administrator +1-847-706-3505
Toni Shales Education Administrator +1-847-706-3640
Martha Sikaras Director, International Education Programs +1-847-706-3596
Leslie Smith Instructional Technologist +1-847-706-3595
Ryan Smith Professional Development Administrator +1-847-706-3008
Tiffany Tatsumi Academic Administrator +1-847-706-3509
Jeremy Webber Professionalism Education Specialist +1-847-706-3561
Amy Wojcik Sr. Professional Development Administrator +1-847-706-3537
Kim Woloszyk Administrative Assistant +1-847-706-3576
Aleshia Zionce Study Materials Administrator +1-847-706-3525

Finance and Facilities Team

Stacy Lin Deputy Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer +1-847-706-3550
Tiffany Berger Sr. Director, Finance & Facilities +1-847-706-3620
Patricia Carlino Payroll Accountant/Office Administrator +1-847-706-3553
Steve DeFranco Sr. Staff Accountant +1-847-706-3506
Cheri Howe Executive/Finance Assistant +1-847-706-3518
Olavo Menezes Finance Analyst +1-847-706-3564
David Nahulak Manager, Accounting +1-847-706-3551
Serg Palant Accountant, International Activities +1-847-273-8843
Jan Richardson Accounts Payable Clerk +1-847-706-3554


Sheree Baker Sr. Director, Governance +1-847-706-3565
Sofi Garcia Governance Project Specialist +1-847-706-3597

Human Resources

Carol Kozlowski Sr. Director, Human Resources +1-847-706-3569
Julie Brown Human Resources Assistant +1-847-706-3545
Eileen Kaser Sr. Human Resources Generalist +1-847-706-3502

Information and Technology Services Team

Tim Moberly Sr. Director of Technology Services +1-847-706-3642
David Arias Application Support Specialist +1-847-273-8805
Laurie Butler Application Support Specialist +1-847-706-3562
Mustafa Dada Business Analyst +1-847-706-3743
Fred Eckart Sr. Reporting Data Analyst +1-847-706-3625
Desmond Fenty Jr. Manager, Information Technology +1-847-706-3503
Tatyana Kuznetsova Business Systems Analyst +1-847-706-3623
Kevin Martin Sr. Systems Administrator +1-847-706-3504
Mary Matz Manager, Information Services +1-847-706-3534
James Nauta Web Specialist +1-847-706-3612
Shailesh Patel Sr. Reporting Data Analyst +1-847-706-3629
Tushar Patel System Administrator +1-847-706-3657
Bruce Rod Manager, Web & Mobile Technologies +1-847-706-3538
Rhoda Tran Web Specialist +1-847-706-3531
Pesach Zirkind  Cyber Security Specialist  +1-847-273-8850

International Team

Ann Henstrand Sr. Director, International +1-847-273-8810
Heather Jameson Administrative Assistant, Legal/International +1-847-273-8827
Jessie Li Lead China Representative (China Office) +86-10-65997905
Breanna Rodriguez Project Specialist - International +1-847-273-8828
Wai Ling Yung SOA Program Manager (Hong Kong Office) +852-2147-9883

Legal Team

Richard Veys General Counsel +1-847-706-3524
Ashley Huber Staff Counsel +1-847-706-3577
Heather Jameson Administrative Assistant, Legal/International +1-847-273-8827
Monika McGuire Assistant General Counsel +1-847-706-3694
Ann Weber Government Affairs Director +1-847-273-8825

Market Research Team

Onserio Nyamweya Director, Market Research +1-847-706-3580
Randa Ulankiewicz Market Research Analyst +1-847-273-8829

Marketing and Communication Team

Patrick Gould Managing Director, Marketing & Communications +1-847-706-3615
Kathryn Baker Sr. Communications Associate +1-847-706-3501
Julia Anderson Bauer Manager, Publications +1-847-706-3527
Spencer Bone Manager, Marketing +1-847-706-3646
Juliann Carlson Marketing Specialist +1-847-273-8818
See Delaney Employer Relations Specialist +1-847-706-3555
Jennifer Foster Business Development Specialist +1-847-706-3507
Scott Konecke  Marketing Specialist  +1-847-706-3517 
Chere LaRose Director, Member & Candidate Communications +1-847-706-3570
Andrea Lee Director, Marketing +1-847-706-3647
Marta Jimenez-Lutter Content Specialist +1-847-706-3528
Jacquelyn Kirkwood Member Communications Sr. Associate +1-847-706-3572
Courtney Nashan Director, Employer Relations and Opportunities +1-847-273-8821
Michael Nowak Sr. Content Specialist +1-847-273-8811
Sam Phillips Communications Associate +1-847-706-3521
Erin Pierce Sr. Graphic Designer +1-847-706-3549
Brenda Sawyer Marketing Project Specialist +1-847-273-8822
Julissa Sweeney Sr. Graphic Designer +1-847-706-3548
Susie Toro Manager, Creative +1-847-706-3573

Research Team

Dale Hall Managing Director, Research


Mervyn Kopinsky Experience Studies Actuary +1-847-706-3571
Laura Levsky Research Communications Coordinator +1-847-273-8833

Cynthia MacDonald

Sr. Experience Studies Actuary +1-847-706-3559
Pete Miller Experience Studies Actuary +1-847-706-3566
Patrick Nolan Experiences Studies Actuary +1-847-273-8860
Rebecca Owen Health Research Actuary +1-847-273-8846
Korrel Rosenberg Sr. Research Administrator +1-847-706-3567
Lisa Schilling Retirement Research Actuary +1-847-273-8837
Jan Schuh Sr. Research Administrator +1-847-706-3556
Erika Schulty Research Associate I +1-847-706-3519
Barbara Scott Sr. Research Administrator +1-847-706-3592
Steve Siegel Research Actuary +1-847-706-3578
Ronora Stryker Research Actuary +1-847-706-3614
Patrick Wiese Lead Modeling Researcher +1-847-273-8836

Sections & Practice Advancement

Michael Boot Managing Director, Sections & Practice Advancement (SPA) +1-847-706-3536
Beth Bernardi Director, Member Engagement +1-847-706-3585
Jessica Boyke  Section Specialist +1-847-706-3665
Emily Kessler Sr. Staff Fellow, Intellectual Capital +1-847-706-3530
Susan Lamczyk Administrative Assistant +1-847-706-3598
Jane Lesch Section Specialist +1-847-706-3558
Ben Marshall Staff Fellow, Canadian Membership +1-847-273-8854
Andrew Peterson Sr. Staff Fellow, Retirement Systems +1-847-706-3591
Kathryn Quan Volunteer Resource Specialist +1-847-706-3523