Announcement: SOA releases December 2022 Exam FM passing candidate numbers.

Cultivate Opportunities Team

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) Board of Directors and Leadership have acknowledged an important ongoing role of the SOA is to cultivate opportunities for its members in what are considered appropriate and relevant fields for actuaries.

Historical careers of actuaries evolve due to changing technology, regulation and environmental changes. Changing needs of employers and potential new areas of employment for actuaries and the work of actuaries in new fields needs to be assessed and addressed on a continuous basis.

The SOA must identify and analyze any barriers for entering new fields, develop recommendations, including prequalifying education and professional development, to assist members in new roles. The SOA also has a role in communicating opportunities to members interested in expanding or developing their careers.

SOA members and candidates expect the SOA credential to correlate to a viable and superlative career path. In order to serve their needs, the SOA must keep abreast of opportunities appropriate to its membership.

The Cultivate Opportunities Team (COT) is responsible for assisting the Board in its oversight of this acknowledged obligation within the context of the SOA’s strategic goals and objectives.

The mission of the COT is to foster the growth of career options for actuaries by expanding business organizations served by the profession and roles in regulatory bodies and ensuring the expertise needed to maximize success is supportable by the SOA.