Announcement: SOA releases March 2022 Exam P passing candidate numbers.

Centers of Actuarial Excellence Grants Committee (CGC)

In 2008, the SOA Board approved the creation of a CAE Grants program. Schools that have attained CAE status are eligible to compete for SOA-sponsored grants in research and education. These grants allow universities to make significant investments in education methods or materials, research and the profession. Each year the program expects the SOA to award up to three grants. Generally, award amounts and durations can range between $25,000 and $100,000 per annum over a period of one to three years.


David Landriault, Chairperson

Staff Liaison

Ronora Stryker


Karen Anway

Ian Duncan, REC Committee Liaison

Ian Genno, At Large Member

Vytaras Brazuskas, At Large Member

Dani Bauer, At Large Member

Susan Watson, At Large Member

Colin Ramsay, at Large Member  

Staff Support Person

Jan Schuh