Announcement: SOA releases April 2022 Exam PA passing candidate numbers.
Announcement: SOA congratulates the new ASAs and CERAs for June 2022.

Regulatory Research Advisory Council

This council is to:

  • Establish a solid communications channel with SOA members, employers and stakeholders within the regulatory community;
  • Provide the SOA with insights into current and future regulatory trends, issues and challenges;
  • Advise the SOA in the design and consideration of practice research projects and experience studies that will benefit the initiatives of regulators;
  • Coordinate with other regulatory research organizations in order to maximize the efficiency of industry research being considered and performed; and
  • Maintain a forward-looking focus on the regulatory research produced by the SOA.


Michael W. Boerner, Chairperson

Staff Liaisons

R. Dale Hall

Mervyn Kopinsky

Cynthia MacDonald

Pete J. Miller

Achilles M. Natsis

Patrick David Nolan

Lisa A. Schilling

Steven C. Siegel

Ronora E. Stryker

Ann Weber


Rhonda Kay Ahrens

Frederick James Andersen

Tiffany A.G. Bosley

Larry J. Bruning

Kevin M. Dyke*

Rachel C. Hemphill

E. Perry Kupferman

Reginald G. Mazyck

Michael Patrick McKenney**

Christopher John Truffer

Patrick Ward**

Peter Andrew Weber

Jeff Wu**

Staff Support Person

Korrel Crawford