Announcement: SOA congratulates the new ASAs and CERAs for May 2022.

Group Disability Insurance Experience Committee

The Group LTD Experience Committee gathers, analyzes and publishes group disability experience. The purpose is to facilitate valuation and pricing approvals for insurance regulators; monitor and provide experience trends to the insurance industry; and to facilitate a detailed understanding of participating companies’ business. Goals include new valuation table development assistance, the monitoring of emerging disability trends including new disabilities and the assessment of the impact of claim management practices.


Roger L. Martin-Chair


Edward G. Bailey

Warren M. Cohen

Thomas R. Corcoran

Paul L. Correia

Kathy J. Davis

Arber Dhamo

Fred Flores

Eric S. Gale

Stephen A. Garfield

Paul D. Hitchcox

Richard C. Leavitt

Foon Wei Lew

Haobo Li

Allen D. Livingood

Jacob O. McCoy

William A. Obert

Eric Poirier

Scott J. Robidoux

Bram J. Spector

Sue C. Stone

Douglas R. Vrooman

Patrick W. Wallner

John T. Winter

Fengkun Zhao

Staff Liaison

Pete J. Miller

Staff Support

Erika Schulty