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Individual Disability Insurance Experience Committee

This committee gathers and analyzes experience of individual disability insurance policies. The committee is guided by the needs of both the Society of Actuaries and the individual disability insurance industry.


Carl Desrochers-Chair

Jay A. Barriss-Co-Vice-Chair

Tasha S. Khan-Co-Vice-Chair


Viresh G. Bawa

Robert W. Beal

Jordan E. Cadorette

Thomas R. Corcoran

Margaret Cormier

Laurie J. Fede

Richard N. Ferree

Anju Gupta-Lavey

Charles P. Herman

Brian D. Holland

Chris Keffalos

Lindi M. Knock

Tracy K. Koch

Christopher J. Kozol

Daniel D. Sim

Aaron M. Stoeger

Todd M. Petersen

Paul Ziobrowski

Staff Liaison

Pete J. Miller

Staff Support

Erika Schulty