Announcement: SOA congratulates the new ASAs and CERAs for September 2022.

Individual Life Insurance Experience Committee

This committee is responsible for the ongoing reporting of mortality experience under standard, fully underwritten life insurance policies.


Tony R. Phipps, Chairperson

Brian D. Holland, Co-Vice-Chairperson

Edward Hui, Co-Vice-Chairperson

Staff Liaison

Mervyn Kopinsky

Cynthia MacDonald


David John Baelis

Mary J. Bahna-Nolan

Tatiana Berezin

Larry J. Bruning

Kathryn A. Campbell

Cindy X. Chen

Christopher Michael Condon

Jeffery T. Dukes

Steven C. Ekblad

Kenneth A. Klinger

Kevin P. Larsen

Hezhong Ma

Timothy D. Morant

Mark P. Rosa

Maureen Ann Shaughnessy

Staff Support Person

Korrel Crawford

*Underwriting professional.