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Long-Term Care Experience Committee

This committee is concerned with the development and gathering of experience associated with long-term care. This may include experience from intercompany long-term-care policies, continuing care retirement communities and public data and data used to establish long-term care valuation tables.


Barry M. Koklefsky-Chair


Rhonda K. Ahrens

Frederick J. Andersen

Wesley J. DeNering

Sivakumar Desai

Perry E. Kupferman

Matthew S. Parent

Eric W. Perry

Jonathan D. Prince

Patricia Prusha

Marianne C. Purushotham

Keith A. Schardt

Steven W. Schoonveld

Bruce A. Stahl

Joshua J. Weber

Perry L. Wiseblatt

Robert K. Yee

Staff Liaison

Cynthia MacDonald

Pete J. Miller

Staff Support

Erika Schulty