In Memory of Pierre Courcy

Pierre Courcy, 57, died on February 28, 2013.  Pierre was born in 1955 to his late parents Adrien Courcy and Thérèse Duchaine. Pierre was FSA 1983.

Pierre and his wife lived in Quebec City, Quebec.  Although diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 16 months prior to his death, Pierre, ever the optimist, believed he was going to beat this cancer.  He never stopped working until a week prior to his death.

“More than an actuary, a good big brother, an extraordinary father, a perfect spouse.
 Of you Peter, we are proud.” – tribute from Pierre Courcy’s family
Pierre is survived by his wife, Louise Bergeron, and their children Maude and Louis-Georges.  Extended family include his sisters Nicole, Claudette, Lyne (Diane Morin) and Lina (André Turgeon), his stepmother Jeanine Caron Bergeron, his brothers and sisters, Pauline (Jacques Castonguay), Guy and Michele, his godchildren, Francis and Mélia;
Memorials can be sent to the Community Foundation of Greater Québec, 3100, avenue du Bourg-Royal, Office 150, Québec (Québec) G1C 5S7 Tel .: 418 521-6664 or La Maison Dauphine, 31 Rue D'Auteuil Québec, QC G1R 4B9 Tel .: 418 694-9616.