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In Memory of John S. Moyse

John S. Moyse, of Louisville, Kentucky, died August 7, 2015, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. He was 86. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Chapman Moyse; his son, Douglas Moyse; his daughters, Linda Moyse and Jan Nedoss; his step-sons, Harry Chapman III and Paul Chapman; and 11 grandchildren.

John, born and raised in Montreal, was an enthusiastic traveler who visited over a hundred countries. He loved to go to a new place, learn a bit of the language, and meet people. He even enjoyed the mechanics of traveling, experimenting and timing himself to find the best ways to get to and from cities and through airports. As a recent FSA he joined Commonwealth Life, a largely debit company in Louisville, Kentucky. When Commonwealth formed Capital Holding (later Providian) and began to acquire other debit companies, John became its chief marketing officer as well as playing a key role in selecting and valuing acquisition candidates.

John was a true marketing actuary. He was an outstanding mental arithmetician and very data driven. Over time he built a huge file of competitive marketing information from public sources. His marketing mind saw pricing as a competitive exercise based on finding your desired market position, using the asset share to find what actions needed to be done to achieve it, rather than to set prices and commissions. As point man in dealing with the affiliates’ sales organizations, John had the patience, persistence and empathy of a salesman aided by his love of travel.

After his retirement from corporate life, John formed Moyse Consulting Services. His personality, sympathy for the agent, and encyclopedic historical knowledge and documentation made him popular with lawyers. Typical of John was his highly amused observation that one could identify his car at his meetings with trial lawyers by the fact that his was the only car with a Republican bumper sticker in a sea of Democratic ones.

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