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In Memory of Dinkar B. Koppikar

Dinkar B. Koppikar, ASA 1970, of Tallahassee, Florida, passed away on June 12, 2017 at the age of 82.

Mr. Koppikar was born in Bangalore, India and immigrated to the United States in 1966. He worked as an actuary for both the State of Florida and private companies for more than 40 years.  He was active and alert throughout his life.  His passion was to make intricate mental calculations of mathematical problems without the help of a calculator or computer.

In his long 40-year actuarial career , he acquired a superb skill of analyzing problems ,which he always applied to the common everyday problems. This is the legacy that he gave not only to his children but also to his friends and relatives.  His wish was that actuaries throughout the U.S.A would follow his lead and not restrict themselves to the narrow field of insurance.

A devoted husband, father and foster grandfather, his hobbies included flower gardening and advocating for solar energy. Mr. Koppikar was preceded in death by his parents and two sisters. He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Vimala of Tallahassee; daughter, Devika of Jinan, China; son, Vivek of Washington, DC; a brother and sister. Memorial contributions may be made to the Environmental Defense Fund.