Learn How Actuaries Must Adapt to the Changing Industries

The job title for an actuary may not change, but the description is transforming as new practices and insights are welcomed into the industry. Learn about how to adapt with this new environment with the latest article from The Actuary.

Emerging Technologies and Their Impact

Learn about the emerging technologies that may significantly affect the actuarial profession over a three-year horizon. 

Winning Student Research Case Study Challenge

See the top submissions from the SOA Research Institute's 2022 Case Study. Actuarial students around the world competed in teams to showcase their actuarial skills.

Acknowledge Your Accomplishments with SOA Micro-Credentials

Show off your ASA academic achievements with micro-credentials. Chart out your pathway and detail to others the distance to the end goal of an ASA credential.

SOA Board Approves Extension to FSA Transition Deadline

The SOA Board of Directors approved a one-year extension for Fellowship candidates who attained the ASA designation by July 1, 2018. Learn more about the new deadline. 

Join the SOA Nominating Committee

The SOA Governance and Policy Committee oversees the 2022 Nominating Committee recruitment and is now accepting applications for Fellows interested in serving on this committee.

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Sign Up for this Cycle of the IFRI Certificate Program

The insurance industry is ever-changing, so stay up-to-date with the IFRI Certificate Program. As you learn from experienced educators about proper utilization of data from IFRS 17, remember that your earned certificate is globally-certified. Sign up for this cycle and begin your educational journey.

Enhance Ethical Data Practices with the ERUD Certificate Program

ERUD certificate program registration is still open. Secure a spot and prepare to learn more about ethical and practical uses of data to transform your work as an actuary.

Reduction of Exam Hours and Content for ASA and FSA Pathways

The SOA announces a reduction in the exam hours and syllabus content for:

Become a Mentor

The MentorLink program intends to create a community where seasoned actuaries and those starting in the field form a long-lasting bond that will strengthen the profession now and in the future.