Occupation-Specific Life Tables for China

This research constructs the most up-to-date occupational life tables for urban employees in China based on data from the Beijing Public Pension System for the period 2005–2009. 


Chief Risk Officers Agree: Risk is Opportunity

There seems to be endless opportunities for actuaries to excel in the field of risk management. Read The Actuary.

Drum Roll Please: Section Newsletters Go Digital

The new digital format is user-friendly, fast and easily shareable. Check your section's homepage for the latest issue.


SOA Predictive Analytics Seminar - Seoul

Register by Aug. 20 to attend this year's SOA Predictive Analytics Seminar Aug. 30 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Voting is Open for Section Elections: Cast Your Ballot Today

Be informed before you vote. Read about candidate goals, leadership styles and plans for the future. 

Changes to FAP for 2020

Learn about the changes to the Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice e-course for 2020.

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The SOA Risk Management Seminar 

Learn and share your experiences in risk management topics, Sept.5 in Xi'an, China.

See the 2019 Elections Slate

Learn about the endorsed candidates for the SOA Board and president-elect positions.

Voting: Bylaws Change

The SOA Board proposes a change to the legal structure and tax-exempt status of the organization. It involves creating a new not-for-profit entity tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code, which will adopt the Society of Actuaries name. Read more about this change.

Making the Case for a Chief Modeling Officer

This role could be a boon for insurance companies, freeing up actuaries’ time by developing, maintaining and executing models. With the right business knowledge and technical expertise, this role could bridge the gap between IT, stakeholders and actuaries.