Teaching the Next Generation

Professor Huy Nguyen Quang, ASA, is helping to grow actuarial professionals in Vietnam. He shares his passion for teaching in this interview.

Virtual University Outreach Program

The SOA is excited to bring University Outreach to you in a virtual format. Request a virtual visit. 


Developing Critical Illness Insurance in China

Don't miss this interview with Tian Meipan, FSA, who highlights how critical illness insurance has entered the express lane.


International Health Care Funding Report

Read about the international models of health care funding and the financial structures of health care systems around the world.

Podcast: Survey of Insurance Markets in Southeast Asia

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the region's economies and insurance markets is discussed. A must listen!

2020 Outstanding Session Awards

Applause! Applause! Moderators and presenters of the top sessions at the 2020 SOA virtual sessions, take a bow!


The  Evolution of Employee Benefits in Asia

Employers face the increasing importance of employee benefits in the workplace. Read about the changes needed.