2020 Changes to FAP e-learning

Learn about the changes to the Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice, including interactive modules and more feedback.

Tian Meipan

The Regulatory Environment in China is Experiencing Some Big Changes

Tian Meipan, director and general manager of China Life Reinsurance Company Ltd. discusses regulatory change in China and its impact on the insurance industry market.


The Event to Attend

Don't miss the largest SOA event in China. The 2019 China Symposium, June 13-14, Guiyang.


2019 Professionalism Guiyang

Gain a better understanding or professionalism practices and applications. June 14, Guiyang, China. 

Certificate in Predictive Analytics

Learn about the program and upcoming seminar locations. Register now. 

The Power of a Great Credential

The SOA General Insurance Track to Fellowship empowers you to to drive better business decisions. 


2019 Professionalism in Practice - Bangkok

Explore the professionalism practice, code of conduct and application of the actuarial profession. June 18, Bangkok, Thailand. 

What Was Your Path to Predictive Analytics?

The evolution of the actuarial career related to predictive analytics, data science and AI is unique to each member. How have you gained from the SOA’s education and professional development to get where you are in your career? Let us use your story to inspire others!  


Meet Alice and Bob

Learn how personas are used to make technology like blockchain understandable. Read The Actuary.

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