See the 2018 SOA Elections Results

The SOA announced Andrew D. Rallis will serve as president-elect. See the election results, including for new SOA Board members. 

Adding Predictive Analytics to the SOA Curriculum

Stuart Klugman, FSA, CERA, Ph.D, senior staff fellow for the SOA education department explains why the SOA had incorporated predictive analytics to the current curriculum. 


Predictive analytics is a methodology that allows us to increase the odds of guessing correctly for a future event so we can prevent it from happening.

A Zero is Not Zero

Actuary and professor Wu-Chyuan Gau discusses how he uses predictive analytics on the job.

FSA: Latest Changes

Find out the latest changes to the FSA curriculum that took place in July. 


Risk Management Seminar - Singapore

Embracing Risk & Opportunity is the theme for this year's seminar. Join us Oct. 29 in Singapore. 

Section Election Results: See Who Won

The results of the SOA Section Council elections are in. New members will begin serving their sections at the 2018 Annual Meeting & Exhibit in Nashville.

Job Opportunities

Making Predictive Analytics Accessible

With the vast amount of data available today, actuary Sarah Osborne knows that having a strategy is critical to using that data effectively. Learn how Sarah and her team are leveraging healthcare data and predictive analytics to solve problems within their organization.

Asia Retirement Findings

Access the research reports for Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and more.


Professionalism: A Major Key to Business Success

Authors discuss the crucial point that professionalism focuses on "how" actuaries conduct actuarial activities, not the technical "what" of the outcomes. Read International News.