Career Guidance for Actuarial Students Webcast

Join the SOA and the Actuarial Association of Sri Lanka on Aug. 5 for a free webcast! Take a deep dive into the actuarial journey from three experienced actuaries familiar with the profession in South Asia and North America. 

Hone your  predictive analytics skills

Join us for the virtual Predictive Analytics certificate program. Registration closes August 17.


Digital Nomad

In this Q&A, Ken Feng, FSA, MAAA, talks about life on the road and what he values most personally and career wise. Read about Feng, one of the youngest actuaries to be awarded fellowship in the SOA.

Who Will Get Your Vote?

Before you vote for this year’s section council candidates, learn about their backgrounds, SOA service, leadership styles and goals if they get into office. It’s up to you. Make your vote count!

New Volunteer Opportunity: It’s Your Turn to Shine

Event presenters, both virtually and in person, are needed for the Asia region. Put your communication and presentation skills to work and express your interest today!

AI's Emerging Role in Insurance Sales

New vodcast: Get the latest insurance business trends from Frank Yeh, FSA, from Taiwan Life and Wing Wong, FSA, MAAA, from Milliman in Taipei. Great information to know!

International Research Opportunities

The SOA seeks a contractor to conduct international research.

Tell Us Your Story

How are you using your actuarial skills to make a positive impact on the world? Share your story for a chance to win $1,000USD. Find out more.

First Recipient of the SOA Actuarial Science Early Career Award

Dr. Ruodu Wang is named the first recipient of the SOA Actuarial Science Early Career Award.

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