SOA AICT Joint Seminar - Post Pandemic World for Life Insurers

Join the Society of Actuaries and the Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei for a hybrid event taking place Nov. 3 online and in Taipei City, China. Registration is now open.

New! Ethical & Responsible Use of Data & Predictive Models Certificate Program

Gain and incorporate an ethical framework of best practices when creating or deploying predictive models through detail content and hands-on training. Registration is open. 

Zhongnan University Makes the UCAP-AC List! 

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, in Hubei, China, is now on the list of Universities and Colleges with Actuarial Programs. Explore the UCAP list for programs close to you.

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Practical AI Usage for Claims and Underwriting Webcast

Learn how to leverage AI & ML to accelerate Life & Health Insurers pursuit for digitization and explore Vahana AI, an AI-based damage assessment tool. Join us Oct. 27, 12 - 1:30 p.m. Hong Kong Time. 

Publications Volunteer Needed–Interested?

Join the team that mines articles for The Actuary Asia, providing information on emerging topics, industry trends and news of importance for SOA members in Asia. Apply now!


Do What You Love

Look inside yourself and identify what it is you most want to do at work and determine how to get there. Do what you love. Love the job you do. Read The Actuary for some helpful tips.

SOA ImpACT Asia: Risk & Capital Management Virtual Seminar

Don't miss seasoned presenters from Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and the U.S. as they explore the issues and topics around the risks and capital management areas for Asia regions. Join us Nov. 18, registration is now open. 

Meet Your New Section Leaders!

The election results are in. New members will officially take their leadership positions at the ImpACT Virtual Conference this month. Be part of your section’s growth in 2022!