Asia Pacific Symposium

Under the theme "Making a Difference - Shaping a New Future," this year's signature event in Asia will take place May 24-25 in Seoul, South Korea. Save the date!

2018 Student Research Case Study Challenge

The SOA hosts the research case study challenge for students to apply their actuarial skills on a real world problem.


Perhaps the greatest strength of system dynamics is its emphasis on understanding how complex systems work, what matters, what does not and how levers interact.

Making Sense of the Unexpected

Read The Actuary and discover how companies are using system dynamics modeling to understand the behavior of complex systems.

A Fresh Perspective

The SOA has a unique take on General Insurance to help actuaries make better business decisions. Find out more about the SOA GI track. 

InsurTech: Listen at Your Own Risk

In this podcast Erik Wenzel, FSA, defines InsurTech, explains how it is playing out globally and the impact on the actuarial profession.


Read an Article, Any Article, and Learn

So many thought-provoking articles to read in professional interest section newsletters. Take your pick.


Save the Date

Don't miss the largest actuarial professional event in China. The China Annual Symposium, May 28-29 in Beijing, China. 


Sponsorship Opportunities

Be part of the largest SOA events in Asia. Find out more.

Society of Achievers

Jennifer Gerstorff, FSA overcame many obstacles to earn her Fellowship of the Society of Actuaries. Take a look at her professional journey into the profession.  

CAA May 2018 Exams

Registration is now open for exams of the Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification.