Enterprise Risk Management Symposium

Are you interested in thought leadership and best practices in risk management? Network and learn at this year's ERM symposium, May 2-3, Orlando, FL. 


Transitioning to Retirement

Sharon Giffen, FCIA, FSA, shares her insights. With a little planning, she says, easing into retirement will be more predictable and manageable. 

Call for Nominations: SOA Board Elections

Picture yourself taking on an SOA leadership position as a Board member or president-elect. Learn how you can help support the organization’s future. Submit your nomination by March 31.

Coming to Toronto

The largest SOA professional development event of the year will take place in Canada in 2019. Save the date for the SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit, Oct. 27-30, Toronto, ON. 

Certified Actuarial Analyst Exams

The CAA qualification demonstrates proven technical and professional skills. Learn about the exams.


Breaking Free

It's a funding issue. Read The Actuary to learn about the obstacles patients and clinicians face to secure wheelchairs for patients.

Job Opportunities

Understanding Ontario Discount Rates for Pension Plans

Access the new study on funding valuation discount rates that reflect the expected return on investments. 

Predictive Analytics Certificate for Actuaries

The certificate program provides in-depth knowledge on predictive modeling and data analytics. Learn about this interactive program. 

Watch An Actuary's Journey to Industry Leadership 

While at KPMG, actuary Nazir Valani led a multi-year effort to update international financial reporting standards. It was a bold project that used dynamic modeling to challenge industry assumptions and overhaul outdated data sets. See how the SOA helped prepare him for this opportunity.