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Utilize Ethical Data Practices with the ERUD Certificate Program

Elevate your data practices and predictive models with the ERUD Certificate Program. Register for this five month, instructor-led, e-learning program  dedicated to developing your ability to correctly handle data. 

Big Data is Changing, So Learn to Adapt

If you're interested in learning about how the actuarial profession could change due to industry updates, check out this article by Shirley Wu, MAAA, and prepare for updates to the actuarial science field.

Participate in Actuarial Research Conference and Learn From Trusted Actuaries

Gather at the University of Illinois of Urbana-Champaign August 3-6 to discuss research problems and solutions in the actuarial practices with trusted sources. This educational event is a great choice for both practicing and academic actuaries.

Be part of an SOA Section Council

Help shape the activities and professional development programs within each professional Section through a leadership role.

Submit VEE Credit Application and Broaden Your Actuarial Science Knowledge

Once you've passed two actuarial exams from the SOA, CIA or CAS, complete the application for a VEE Credit. Increase your actuary science education today.

Applications to Become a CAE University Are Open

Do you want the opportunity to further actuarial sciences and earn esteem for your university? Complete the CAE application form display the achievements of your education system.

Introducing the New Professional Affiliate Program

ASA candidates, get exclusive benefits, enhanced modes of learning, networking channels, and more.

Submission Deadline for SOA Actuarial Science Early Career Award on May 31

Nominate a colleague or yourself for the SOA Actuarial Science Early Career Award. If you've made outstanding headway in your actuary science research within the past ten years, this is for you.

Hickman Scholarship Applications Open for Aspiring Doctoral Actuaries

If you're pursuing a PhD and an actuarial designation, then the Hickman Scholarship is meant for you. Apply to gain access to stipends for research, education and more.