On the Right Track 

The SOA General Insurance Track to Fellowship empowers you to drive better business decisions. 


Start Spreading the News

The 2019 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit is in Canada this year. Join us Oct. 27-30 in Toronto. 


How a Risk Team Adds Value

Risk teams are asked to do a variety of tasks and keep track of regulatory changes and help as needed. Learn more about these important work groups.

Canadian Life Insurance: Predictive Model Usage

Read the joint research report exploring predictive analytics use in the Canadian life insurance industry. 


Actuarial Teaching Conference - What to Expect

Creative Teaching in Actuarial Science

Redesigning Actuarial Science Curriculum

Creative Thinking Skills for Actuaries

June 27-28 in Columbus, OH


Certified Actuarial Analyst Exams

The CAA qualification demonstrates proven technical and professional skills. Learn about the exams.

2020 Changes to FAP

Learn about the updates to the Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice, which include interactive work and more feedback provided.


Actuarial Research Conference 2019

Register for ARC and submit your session proposals. Aug. 14-17 in Indianapolis, IN. 

What Was Your Path to Predictive Analytics?

The evolution of the actuarial career related to predictive analytics, data science and AI is unique to each member. How have you gained from the SOA’s education and professional development to get where you are in your career? Let us use your story to inspire others!  

Actuaries Climate Index - Latest Updates

See the data findings on severe weather across Canada for the past year, and learn about the index. 


Meet Alice and Bob

Learn how personas are used to make technology like blockchain understandable. Read The Actuary.