You Are Invited - Candidate Connect Toronto

Don't miss the chance to be part of the SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit, Oct. 28 in Toronto.

Fall Deadlines Approaching!

The deadline to register for the fall exams is Monday, Sept. 23. 

Looking for a Job?

The SOA Explorer free tool helps you find actuarial employers and jobs by geographic region. Find also SOA members, universities and actuarial clubs

Past Exams and Solutions

Use past exam questions and solutions as study aids. 


Gamma Iota Sigma - International Conference

Don't miss the world's largest gathering of collegiate talent with leading insurance industry companies. Sept. 26-28 in Dallas, Texas. 

Meet and Greet: Section Networking Events at Annual

Receptions, luncheons, sessions and more. Check out the section networking opportunities at the SOA Annual Meeting.


Training for the Future

How are actuarial educators preparing to teach  future generations? Find out in this article published in the last issue of The  Actuary magazine.