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The Life & Annuity Symposium is one of the SOA's largest events and you can be part of it when you register for the Candidate Connect - Tampa event, May 20, FL.


Machine Learning, Skynet and the Future of Actuarial Software

How can machine learning be used to improve code? Discover how in this article. Many contend machine learning will soon become another important tool in the actuary’s toolbelt. 


Who Knew? Famous People Related to Actuarial Science

Read about individuals connected to the actuarial profession but some rarely known for their actuarial work.

How Data Privacy Affects Actuaries’ Work in Life Insurance

Four actuaries discuss the main challenge they face when building predictive models: finding relevant consumer info while respecting data privacy.

The 2019 Actuarial Teaching Conference

The SOA will hold this year's ATC June 27-28 in Columbus, OH. Registration is open. 

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Registration for Spring Exams closes on March 25. Find out more. 

A Credential for a Changing World

The SOA General Insurance track to Fellowship will empower you to tackle the global risks of today. Find out more.  

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