Job Opportunities

Is There a Place for Actuaries in Sports Analytics

In this podcast, Nate Pohle, FSA, MAAA, CERA, discusses his experiences in the world of sports analytics.


The Elevator Pitch

Learn about the five Cs of an effective elevator pitch and take your networking game to the next level. Read The Actuary.


2018 Actuarial Research Conference

The Department of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences at Western University is honored to host ARC 2018, Aug. 8-11 in London, Ontario. 

Quality & Rigor

The SOA Fellowship Educational Blueprint brings you the most advanced information and methodologies in General Insurance. Find out how the SOA can make a difference in your actuarial journey. 

Women in the Workplace

Listen to this free webinar recorded on April 10 by GammaSAID about Women in the Workplace. 

Communicating Effectively

Why are communication skills important? How can you improve your skills? Listen to Ray DiDonna, FSA, CEO of LOGIQ3, and start communicating more effectively. 

About Actuaries

Learn about the actuarial profession, including exams, career prospects and more. 

The Path to Fellowship

Gain a new perspective about the General Insurance path to Fellowship with the SOA.


New Rules to Expand Association Health Plans

Learn about the federal and state regulatory framework for association health plans and how they will affect the individual market.

Follow the SOA President's LinkedIn Page

Read the latest perspectives and news from SOA President Mike Lombardi's LinkedIn page.