University Support Actuary Program

Based on an SOA survey of university faculty, a key challenge for actuarial programs is creating and building industry partnerships as a way of obtaining feedback and providing students with access to industry insights. The survey confirmed that students are grateful for the opportunity to learn more about actuarial work, and they especially enjoy hearing from actuaries directly.

The USA program connects an actuary volunteer with university faculty and students at one of our UCAP schools.  UCAP schools are those that have applied and appear on our list of Universities and Colleges with Actuarial Programs. Some of these schools may have little industry connection or few actuarial resources. Our USA volunteers interact directly with these university programs by sharing the value of the SOA credentials, the pathway to those credentials and advice regarding how to prepare for the actuarial interviews, internships and work environments.  Training is provided to volunteers through an initial conference call and informational toolkit.

Universities Interested in Finding a Match

SOA Members Interested in Volunteering as a University Support Actuary