SOA Board Approves Strategic Education Principles

The Board of Directors (BOD) at their February 2010 meeting approved a set of strategic education principles prepared by the Transfer Knowledge Team (TKT).

The TKT first reviewed the principles articulated in the 2003 Report to the Membership from the Education Redesign Taskforce–the most recent strategic work completed with regard to SOA Education. The 2003 taskforce report contains eight principles that were the result of a collaborative effort between the CAS, CIA, the Institute/Faculty of Actuaries in the UK, the Institute of Actuaries of Australia and the SOA.

In creating the revised strategic education principles, the TKT focused on pre–qualification education (education requirements for the FSA) as opposed to post–qualification (professional development). However, it was also noted that continuity between basic education and professional development must be considered and maintained.

The ten Principles for SOA Education  reflect the current needs of actuarial education with an eye toward the long–term interests of the profession.