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An unofficial pass/fail result will be displayed on the computer screen at the conclusion of the examination. In most test centers, a printed copy of the candidate’s unofficial pass/fail result will be available upon completion of the computer-based test from the proctor in the administrative area outside the testing room. The candidate, however, should carefully read the result that is displayed on the computer screen at the conclusion of the exam. The official decile scores will be available for both CBT and pencil-and-paper candidates in the SOA online transcript facility approximately eight weeks after the exam administration.

The unofficial instant pass/fail results received by candidates after they complete a CBT exam have been extremely reliable since this practice began in February 2007. As of July 2009 only 1 out of 39,656 candidates has had an issue with the unofficial instant pass/fail result not matching the official final score result. Candidates can be very confident that their unofficial pass/fail result will match their official final scores.