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Conditions of Registration

By registering for this Candidate Connect event (“Event”), you (“attendee”) agree to the following conditions of registration:

  • Illegal consumption of alcohol by minors at the Event is prohibited. Attendees who are under 21 years of age will be identified as such on their name badge. Attendees agree they will not attempt to remove, obscure, or otherwise conceal the mark on their name badge that identifies them as being under 21 years of age.
  • Event attendees must conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a gathering of actuarial professionals. Inappropriate behavior or unauthorized demonstrations or gatherings creating a disturbance, disruption, or safety hazard are prohibited inside any meeting facility. Attendees engaging in inappropriate behavior or conducting themselves in a manner unbecoming of an actuarial professional may be asked to leave and may be prohibited from further Event attendance.
  • Attendance and participation in the Event is voluntary and entirely at the attendee’s own risk. The SOA will not be liable for loss of or damage to the attendee’s personal property or for bodily injury (including death) arising from, or in connection with, the attendee’s travel to/from the Event or attendance at the Event and related events, except to the extent such loss, damage, or injury is caused solely by the gross negligence of the SOA or its employees. In consideration of the benefits of attendance at the Event and related activities, the attendee hereby releases the SOA and its officers, directors and employees from all claims, causes of action, and liability for any loss, injury, or damage incurred by the attendee in connection with such travel and attendance. The SOA specifically disclaims any liability for losses arising from or caused by the provision or non-provision of services by any hotel, airline, bus, train, taxi or other transport operators.