Embrace new technologies and prepare for the future of life insurance with confidence

Predictive analytics are the cornerstone of actuarial science. Actuaries have been analyzing complex data sets since the very first mortality table, long before “big data” was a big deal. The work we do makes it easier for life insurers to identify trends, stay competitive and improve policies for customers.

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Hear from actuaries who use predictive analytics to identity mortality trends and interpret financial risk.

SOA Members Use Predictive Analytics to Excel in Data Science Competitions

Actuaries are using predictive analytics to develop data-driven solutions for complex, real-world problems.

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“Predictive analytics can be overwhelming for some insurance companies because it applies to all their processes across the board, so we want to start small to build confidence and then grow from there. Actuaries know the business, and we can be leaders as the industry redesigns itself and how it goes to market. It's an exciting time to be an actuary in life insurance.”
Nathan Pohle, FSA, CERA, MAAA

Learn how Nathan is paving the future for the life insurance industry with predictive modeling.

Actuaries and predictive analytics: the solutions you need

  • Competitive Advantages

    Price policies faster, easier and more cost-effectively

  • Risk Mitigation

    Mine data with specialists who can interpret complex data sets and have an understanding of financial risk

  • Knowledgeable Partnership

    Work with professionals who are deeply versed in the realities of the life insurance industry

  • Case Studies

    Examine the impact of actuaries working in predictive analytics and modeling roles across the life insurance continuum

  • More Resources

    Whitepapers and more to help you learn about actuaries and predictive analytics