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The NAAJ recognizes 2015 Best Paper

The North American Actuarial Journal Editorial Board is pleased to announce the Annual Prize for the best paper published in 2015. The winning paper, “Multistate Actuarial Models of Functional Disability,” was written by Joelle H. Fong, CA, Ph.D., Adam W. Shao, ASA, Ph.D. and Michael Sherris, FSA, FIA, FIAA, and published in Volume 19, Issue 1 of the NAAJ. An Annual Prize of $500 and a plaque are awarded to the author(s) writing the best eligible paper published in the NAAJ. Past winners can be found here.

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Patrick L. Brockett, Ph.D. named Editor of North American Actuarial Journal

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The North American Actuarial Journal (NAAJ) is the premier publication of the Society of Actuaries as its only refereed journal. In addition to the Society membership, it serves the international, scientific, academic, business and governmental communities, making it the most widely distributed actuarial journal. The NAAJ scientifically addresses the domestic and international problems, interests and concerns of actuaries, their customers, and public policy decision makers.

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