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2016 Health Meeting Program Committee

Thank you to the following members who were instrumental in arranging this program:

Brian Edward Pauley, FSA, MAAA  Meeting Chairperson 
Jennifer L. Gerstorff, FSA, MAAA  Meeting Vice-Chair 
Sarah C. Osborne, FSA, FCA, MAAA  Meeting Vice-Chair 
David L. Snell, ASA, MAAA  Actuary of the Future Section
Geoffrey R. Hileman, FSA, MAAA  Predictive Analytics & Futurism Section
Ian G. Duncan, FSA, FCIA, FCA, FIA, MAAA Education & Research Section
Shasha Huang, ASA  Entrepreneurial & Innovation Section
Daniel D. Skwire, FSA, MAAA  Health Section Special Interest Group – Disability  Section
Rebecca Tipton, FSA, MAAA  Long Term Care Section
Joanne Ryan, FSA, MAAA  Leadership & Development Section
Mary Lynch Wagnon, FSA, MAAA   Leadership & Development Section
Patricia J. Fay, FSA, MAAA  Marketing & Distribution Section
Kamran A. Malik, ASA, MAAA  Marketing & Distribution Section
Geoffrey R. Hileman, FSA, MAAA  Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section
Catherine J. Bierschbach, FSA, MAAA    Reinsurance Section
Jianhua Yu, FSA, MAAA
Social Insurance & Public Finance Section
Yonasan Schwartz, FSA, MAAA  Technology Section