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2016 Product Tax Seminar and Boot Camp

September 7 - 9, 2016


External Forces & Industry Knowledge Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving

Program Overview

The Society of Actuaries is once again offering a seminar that investigates all aspects of life insurance, annuity and long term care product tax compliance. Presented by the Taxation Section, participants will be brought up-to-date on recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidance and learn the newest tax issues related to products designed and administered by life insurance companies. Legal, IRS and product development experts will provide vital insight into the challenges of developing and administering products within the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and allow ample opportunities for networking, questions and information exchange.

Sept. 7
Attend one of two optional concurrent boot camps that provide an intense introduction to the basics of product taxation.

The first boot camp will focus on life insurance and the other will focus on annuities. The basis of the boot camps will be the authoritative textbooks, Life Insurance and Modified Endowments Under IRC Sections 7702 and 7702A and the Annuities Answer Book . Attendees from each boot camp will be brought together in the afternoon for a session addressing the basic tax requirements of qualified long-term care products, including both life insurance and annuity long term care combination products. Book authors will conduct these optional programs. 

Sept. 8-9
The general sessions will feature product, tax, legal and compliance experts as well as IRS representatives. Recent changes in the qualification requirements of insurance products and a host of product tax issues beyond IRC section 7702 and 7702A will be emphasized.

Educational Objectives

All attendees will benefit from the expertise of our presenters and take away a greater understanding of the newest interpretations of insurance product tax issues. 

Target Audience

This seminar provides valuable information for product actuaries and other professionals involved in the design and administration of life insurance, annuities and long term care contracts within the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code.