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The Evolution of ORSA: Through 2017 and Beyond Webcast

August 24, 2017


External Forces & Industry Knowledge


Presented by

Joint Risk Management Section (CAS, CIA and SOA)

Who Should Participate

Actuaries who work with and review actuarial models.


For companies who are submitting ORSA reports and state regulators receiving and critiquing these reports, it is often a mystery how ORSA may change in coming years. Presenters at The Evolution of ORSA: Through 2017 and Beyond Webcast will look to address this issue by answering the following questions:

  • How are companies evolving their ORSAs and ORSA reports?
  • Has ORSA affected the influence of CRO's (and ERM generally) on insurers' executives and boards?
  • How have state insurance departments' responded to companies' submitted ORSAs?
  • Will ORSAs change the way that regulators and insurers connect in future?

Presenters will also address present knowledge of ORSAs across insurers of property casualty, life and health; consequently covering companies of all sizes. The session will close after confronting significant variations in approach and content which continue to exist between companies in terms of:

  • The level of detail given through the Sections I, II and III;
  • The maturity of risk management;
  • The presentation of risk appetite and the consistency from appetite through into Sections II and III;
  • The meaning companies place on 'own solvency';
  • The application of stress testing - how broad and how deep;
  • The use of dynamic models and metrics;
  • Forward projection methods to produce a prospective view of 'own solvency'; and
  • Evidence of use of risk management to support business decisions

How the live webcast works and what it includes

You do not need any special equipment. On Aug. 23, 2017, before 2:00 p.m. ET you will be sent detailed webcast instructions via email including the Web address for accessing the presentation. Any handouts that are available will also be sent. You will follow along with both the slide presentation and the audio portion of the broadcast over the Internet. The registration fee includes:

The registration fee includes:

  • One access code to the live webcast;
  • One Internet connection;
  • One phone connection (to be used only if experiencing sound issues or if in a conference room with a group);
  • One set of presentation materials; and
  • Access to the subsequent webcast recording.

Please note that each access code may only be used for one location , even if you register for more than one participant.

Post-Webcast Purchase Opportunity

For those who are interested in SOA webcasts but are unable to participate in the live event, access to an archived recording of the webcast will be available for purchase approximately 10 business days following the event by using the following link.