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Health Meeting Program Committee

Thank you to the following members who were instrumental in arranging this program:

Jennifer L. Gerstorff, FSA, MAAA Meeting Chair
Ashlee Mouton Borcan, FSA, MAAA Meeting Vice-Chair
Jacqueline Lee, FSA, MAAA Meeting Vice-Chair
Laura J. Wiland, FSA, MAAA Actuary of the Future Section
Charles S. Fuhrer, FSA, FCA, MAAA Education & Research Section
Shasha Huang, ASA, Entrepreneurial & Innovation Section
Lori Weyuker, ASA, MAAA Entrepreneurial & Innovation Section
Daniel D. Skwire, FSA, MAAA Health Section Special Interest Group – Disability
Mario E. DiCaro, FCAS, MAAA Joint Risk Management Section (CAS, CIA and SOA)
Juliet Michelle Spector FSA, MAAA Long Term Care Section
Joanne Ryan, FSA, MAAA Leadership & Development Section
William S. Bade FSA, MAAA Marketing & Distribution Section
Kamran A. Malik, ASA, MAAA Marketing & Distribution Section
Geoffrey R. Hileman, FSA, MAAA Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section
Katrina E. Spillane, FSA, MAAA Reinsurance Section
Timothy J. Feeser, FSA, MAAA Social Insurance & Public Finance Section
Paul C. Ramirez, FSA, MAAA Technology Section