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Best Actuarial Practices in Health Studies Seminar

June 14 - 15, 2017
The Diplomat Resort & Spa
Hollywood, FL


Communication Relationship Management Results-Oriented Solutions Strategic Insight and Integration Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving


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Once the models are done, then what?


Analysis and the actuarial profession often go hand-in-hand. Analytics is not often a learned skill, but an inherent capability. What if the work of the actuaries stopped when they were satisfied with the result of their modeling?

Fortunately, this isn't the case. There is a problem of having to hazard results from less than optimal inputs and flawed models. That is a facet which is irritating and dispiriting. Just as necessary is the explanation, reporting to the world what was modeled, why we modeled it, and what the output means. Aspects such as this may be the hardest part of the actuarial skill set to acquire.

What are some good ways to communicate results to an audience that does not want to wade through the detail, but needs to make informed decisions? The Best Actuarial Practices in Health Studies Seminar addresses this question. This seminar will provide exemplary material, pragmatic guidance and hands-on practice to help actuaries Up Their Game .

The first day of this seminar will feature presentations on data visualization and communications. The second day will begin with report building techniques and move towards a group break out session. Attendees will prepare a communication piece on any case study topic of current interest.

The Best Actuarial Practices in Health Studies Seminar will be held after the 2017 Health Meeting from June 14-15 at the Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida.

Educational Objectives

Learn best practices and approaches with research analysis and data visualization for the health field.

Who Should Participate

This program will benefit actuaries and other business professionals working with data analysis, especially those in health care.

Level of Difficulty

The seminar is designed for participants with moderate experience.