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Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson
Director of Media Relations and Public Affairs
Milliman, Inc.

Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson manages Milliman, Inc.’s relationship with the media and oversees the firm’s editorial, social media and public affairs operations. This includes managing the expression of Milliman, Inc.’s intellectual capital, opening up new communication channels as technology evolves, and protecting the firm’s reputation and independence.

He helps consultants make actuarial and technical concepts understandable to a wider business audience by translating their expertise into effective business messages. He offers counsel to consultants as they navigate complex political and reputational environments, especially when performing work of societal importance.

Engdahl-Johnson has developed a unique social media strategy for Milliman, Inc. that allows consultants to derive maximum business value from Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other platforms while minimizing risk.

He has been helping technical professionals accomplish their communication and public relations goals since 1999. He joined Milliman, Inc. in 2004 and built the firm’s editorial operation, and in 2008 began adapting the media relations operation to take advantage of the changing media landscape. Engdahl-Johnson has helped consultants publish hundreds of articles, blogs and research reports, and has assisted on the creation of several actuarial textbooks. With one foot in the digital realm and the other in the world of print, his expertise encompasses old, new, and emerging media. His journalism has appeared in

  • High Country News
  • The Health Care Blog
  • Northwest Runner
  • Seattle Weekly

His fiction has appeared in Spitball and Writers Billboard.

When he is not helping translate from actuarial to English, he moonlights as a screenwriting instructor and podcaster with the New York Screenwriters Collective.

Hans K. Leida, FSA, MAAA, Ph.D.
Consulting Actuary, Principal
Milliman, Inc.

Hans Leida is a principal and consulting actuary with the Minneapolis office of Milliman, Inc. He joined the firm in 2006. Leida works in health insurance. He has consulted to insurance companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, HMOs, government health programs and employers. Recently, he has been working on individual and small group health insurance rate filings under the Affordable Care Act’s health care reforms. Leida is frequently quoted in the media on healthcare reform in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg Businessweek and Modern Healthcare.

Leida has completed many projects involving individual and group health strategy, pricing and rate filings. In 2007, he co-authored a paper for America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) on the impact of guaranteed issue and community rating laws adopted by certain states in the 1990s. That paper (which was updated in 2012) has been widely cited with the advent of federal healthcare reform, most notably by the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in his majority opinion for the case upholding premium subsidies in federal exchange states (King v. Burwell). More recently, Leida co-authored the second edition of Individual Health Insurance. The first edition of this textbook has been on the Society of Actuaries’ exam syllabus for many years.

Leida also has significant experience with risk adjustment and predictive modeling of health care costs. He was the lead developer of the prescription-drug-based risk adjuster included in the Milliman Advanced Risk Adjusters (MARA) software product. He has also performed firm-level research on the federal ACA risk adjustment model that took effect in 2014.

Leida also works with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. Prior to joining the firm, Leida taught mathematics while pursuing his Ph.D. He also performed research and co-authored a book with the support of a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Rebecca Owen, FSA, MAAA
Health Research Actuary
Society of Actuaries

Rebecca Owen has been in health actuarial practice for over 20 years with a particular focus on Medicare and Medicaid populations. While she finds all facets of actuarial practice engaging, her interests have drawn her to look at the characteristics of care delivery from an actuarial perspective. This includes the core work of trend calculations and risk scoring, but also disease-specific benefit designs, interventions, treatment paths and quality metrics.

Marjorie A. Rosenberg, PhD, FSA
Assurant Health Professor of Actuarial Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Marjorie Rosenberg, PhD, FSA is the Assurant Health Professor of Actuarial Science Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Margie’s research interests are in the application of statistical methods to health care, and applying her actuarial expertise to cost and policy issues in health care. Her recent research applies statistical models for use in cost-effectiveness analyses to compare the merits of alternative treatments or interventions for those with cystic fibrosis and breast cancer. Her research is published in the NAAJ, as well as health services and clinical journals. Margie is currently a member of the Health Section Council and has been active in other SOA committees over the years, as well as a speaker at SOA meetings to present her research. Prior to her starting on her academic career, Margie worked as a life actuary for Allstate Life Insurance Company in Northbrook, IL.

Dr. Justin Sydnor
Associate Professor, Wisconsin School of Business
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Justin Sydnor is an associate professor at the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he is the Leslie P. Schultz Professor in Risk Management and Insurance. Dr. Sydnor received his PhD in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley with a concentration in behavioral economics. His is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research in the Health Care Program. He is also the Associate Director of the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Financial Security and a founding board member of the University of Wisconsin BRITE Lab for experimental economics. He has published in leading academic journals on the topics of behavioral economics and consumer decision making in insurance markets.

Joseph L. Wurzburger, FSA, MAAA
Staff Fellow, Health
Society of Actuaries

Joe has been the Health Staff Fellow with the Society of Actuaries since 2014. In this role, Joe has a variety of responsibilities, including: section development and support (specifically for the Health and LTC sections); actuarial practice advancement and thought leadership; exploration of growth opportunities for actuaries outside of traditional roles; internal SOA consulting; networking and leadership development; and actuarial knowledge development. In his most recent role prior to joining the SOA, Joe managed the health valuation department in the Chicago office of Bankers Life, primarily focusing on long-term care insurance and Medicare Supplement. Prior to that, he filled a variety of actuarial roles in both consulting and insurance and has experience with pricing, valuation, and projections.