Influence Training for Actuaries Seminar


October 15, 2017


Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Relationship Management & Interpersonal Collaboration

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Presented by:
Health Section

Program Overview
Actuaries play critical roles in many companies and handle very complicated concepts. To be effective, actuaries need the skills to influence other people to take specific actions based on their work. This goes far beyond being able to communicate simply and clearly, since ultimately the "meaning of your communication is measured by the actions taken by people as a result".

The presenter will provide participants with the tools needed to be highly influential in all settings. The goal is that actuaries' important work is not only understood, but acted upon. The program is unique in that it brings 10 years of research from the Behavioral Research Applied Technology Laboratory to actuaries for the first time. Traditional actuarial training provides little support for actuaries in becoming master influencers.

Attendees leaving this course will be able to strongly influence the actions and thinking of any audiences they address.

Educational Objectives

  • Give you the tools to become highly influential, to ensure that your important work is not only understood, but acted upon.
  • Learn how to apply influence science in the way we design products, present ideas and conclusions to people or "sell" clients on a new idea or piece of advice.
  • Learn the formula for creating new actions and habits in human beings and the important role of the Four Contexts.
  • Leave with new skills to present more effectively, tell stories that move people to action and design the environment in which you present your work.

Target Audience

  • Any actuary interested in being more influential in the boardroom, conversations with colleagues or during formal presentations.
  • Actuaries interested in the ideas and methods of behavior linked insurance products.
  • Anyone presenting at the 2017 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit, as well as at other programs.

Level of Difficulty
The seminar is designed for participants with moderate experience . The concepts are easily understood but are explored in depth and the course is fast-paced, content rich and challenging. Expect to do work on improving your own influence skills during the seminar, which you'll be able to apply immediately.

Country Relevance

Primary Competencies:
Leadership; Communication; Relationship Management & Interpersonal Collaboration




Demonstrating the listening, writing and speaking skills required to effectively address diverse technical and nontechnical audiences in both formal and informal settings.

Professional Values

Adhering to standards of professional conduct and practice where all business interactions are based on a foundation of integrity, honesty and impartiality.

External Forces & Industry Knowledge

Identifying and incorporating the implications of economic, social, regulatory, geo-political and business changes into the design and delivery of actuarial solutions.


Initiating, innovating, inspiring, creating or otherwise acting to influence others regardless of level or role toward a common goal.

Relationship Management & Interpersonal Collaboration

Creating mutually beneficial relationships and work processes toward a common goal.

Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving

Applying the actuarial knowledge, skills and judgment required to provide value-added services.

Strategic Insight & Integration

Anticipating trends and strategically aligning actuarial practice with broader organizational business goals.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Providing effective problem solving that addresses relevant interests and needs.