Competency Framework

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The SOA Competency Framework for Actuaries

Today’s actuary is called upon to bring an increasing number of skills to the profession. The SOA Competency Framework for actuaries presents a synthesis of the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attributes that contribute to outstanding performance. The forward-looking professional development opportunities provided by the 2017 SOA Life & Annuity Symposium reflect the full framework. Each session offered is identified by the primary competency it addresses.

The SOA Competency Framework Self-Assessment Tool will help you identify which competencies are important in your present and future work. Complete the assessment and use the results as a guide to selecting sessions to attend during the meeting that will best meet your professional development needs. As you select from among the sessions offered, be sure to select sessions from across all eight competencies.

For more information, please visit the SOA Competency Framework for Actuaries.

Competency Framework