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Presenters and Moderator

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Eileen Sheila Burns, FSA, MAAA
Consulting Actuary
Milliman, Inc.

Eileen Burns is a consulting actuary with the Seattle office of Milliman, where she has worked for the past 6 years, specializing in predictive modeling. Eileen managed Milliman’s first industry level study of variable annuity policyholder lapse behavior using predictive modeling. The project combined 117 million policy records to investigate the drivers behind policyholder behavior at a much finer degree of accuracy than in a typical experience study. The study aimed to set the standard for data preparation and for presentation of predictive modeling results. She and her team have since completed a similar study on industry GLWB utilization, as well as single company studies of fixed and variable annuity policyholder behavior. She has spoken at many industry meetings on topics associated with predictive modeling, including describing available mathematical forms, how to incorporate the results into assumption setting, and describing how to leverage predictive models to inform stochastic liability projections.

Outside of predictive modeling, Eileen’s work at Milliman has focused on fixed and indexed annuity reporting and valuation, and supporting buy side merger and acquisition projects. At AXA Equitable she focused on life products, including managing a transition between projection systems for six lines of business. Eileen holds a Master’s degree in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management from the University of Washington, where she specialized in mathematical optimization (a modeling technique commonly used in construction of replicating portfolios), while also receiving advanced training in theoretical and applied statistics.

Talex Diede, MS
Actuarial Analyst
Milliman, Inc.

Talex Diede is an actuarial analyst in Milliman’s Seattle Life practice. She joined Milliman in 2013, and now she works primarily with the life and annuity predictive analytics team. With this team she has mostly focused on using predictive models to understand and predict policyholder behavior. She specializes in data analysis and data manipulation in addition to statistical modeling. She has experience with traditional statistical model building methods as well as newer machine learning methods. She has worked on analytic projects at both the industry level projects as well as for single companies.

Talex graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences and Economics as well as with an MS in Computational Finance and Risk Management. She has been avid R user for the last six years, beginning in the academic setting, and has spent the last three years expanding that into the actuarial space.

Jean-Marc Fix, FSA, MAAA
Vice President, Research & Development
Optimum Re Insurance Co

Jean-Marc is Vice President, Research & Development for both Optimum Re Insurance (US) and Optimum Reassurance (Canada). Jean-Marc joined the Optimum Group in 1997. He is responsible for the research framework underlying the evaluation and development of innovative products. He is also responsible for the updating of Optimum’s Underwriting Manual, both for life and critical illness. He is based in Dallas, TX. Jean-Marc has over 20 years of experience in the life insurance industry and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries as well as a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

Jean-Marc has extensive experience in all actuarial as well as many of the non-actuarial aspects of life insurance and Critical Illness product development. He has spoken on a variety of underwriting, product design, claims and reinsurance topics as they relate to actuaries, underwriters and medical directors. He is currently active in a number of SOA committees and Project Oversight Groups centering on mortality, underwriting and predictive modeling as well as being a member of the Reinsurance Section Council Research team and of the Longevity Advisory Group of the SOA. Jean-Marc graduated Summa cum Laude from Whittier College with a BA in Mathematics.

Brian D. Holland, FSA, MAAA
Director and Actuary
AIG Life & Retirement

Brian Holland joined AIG in 2014. He is responsible for experience studies on life and A&H products. He serves on the SOA's Individual Life and Individual Disability Experience Committees (ILEC and IDEC).

Holland has previously held responsibility for morbidity research on LTC and IDI at Munich Re and also a variety of valuation roles, including responsibilities for global life reinsurance business on IFRS, EV, and risk capital while working in Munich.

Past volunteer activities include serving a term on the council of the Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section, as chair in 2016; serving as reviewer for the sixth SOA LTC Intercompany Report, in the Academy’s Individual Disability Table Working Group, and several years for the Academy’s Life and Health Valuation Law Manual.

Matthias Kullowatz, MS
Actuarial Analyst
Milliman, Inc

Matthias Kullowatz is an actuarial analyst and works primarily on predictive modeling projects with Milliman’s Seattle Life practice. He started with Milliman in 2015, and since has used his background in statistics to help guide the predictive modeling team in refining best practices and in improving communication with client stakeholders. He is involved in all stages of predictive modeling projects. In recent studies investigating the drivers of lapse and rider utilization behavior, this included data exploration and preparation, modeling, theory, and presenting results to a client audience which had a diverse familiarity with statistical concepts.

Before joining the actuarial profession, Matthias accumulated four years of experience teaching statistics to undergraduates in the greater Portland area. While a professor, he focused on improving existing teaching methods. He wrote curriculum for teaching statistics using R, as well as a curriculum for teaching Calculus with a participatory, hands-on approach. On the side, Matthias devotes a healthy number of hours to raising his one-year-old daughter, and an unhealthy number of hours to using statistics to make his fantasy baseball teams above average. He has five years of experience using R for all of his statistical endeavors.

Matthias graduated from Lewis and Clark College with a BA in mathematics, and from Portland State University with an MS in statistics.

Ricardo Trachtman, FSA, MAAA
Milliman, Inc

Ricky Trachtman is a principal and consultant actuary with the Buffalo Grove office of Milliman where he has worked for the past 13 years. In this role, Ricky has worked on a variety of projects with focus in the area of product development assisting in the development of a wide range of life and annuity products. During his tenure at Milliman, he has specialized in pricing and product development of Fixed and Fixed Index Annuities, Variable Annuities, and Payout Annuities both Immediate and Deferred. Ricky has also done extensive modeling of different Variable and Fixed Indexed Annuity Guarantees, such as, death benefits, income benefits, and withdrawal benefits.