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2017 SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium Program Committee

The following members were instrumental in arranging this program:

Donald M. Walker, ASA, MAAA  Symposium Chairperson  
Terry M. Long, FSA, MAAA  Professional Development Committee Representative 
Katie Cantor, FSA, MAAA  Financial Reporting Section Representative 
Robert K. Leach, FSA, MAAA  Financial Reporting Section Representative 
David M. Ruiz, FSA, MAAA, FIA  Financial Reporting Section Representative 
Dorothy L. Andrews, ASA, MAAA
Ashlee Mouton Borcan, FSA, MAAA
Nathan A. Campbell, FSA, MAAA   
Sophia Linh Dao, FSA, MAAA   
Jon Timothy Deuchler, ASA, MAAA   
Jerry F. Enoch, FSA, MAAA   
Samuel J. Keller, FSA, MAAA   
Donald R. Krouse, FSA, MAAA   
William B. Lehnen Jr., ASA, MAAA   
Stephen L. Marco, ASA, CERA, MAAA   
Kyle A. Nobbe, FSA, MAAA   
Stefanie J. Porta, ASA, MAAA   
Scott K. Randles, FSA, MAAA   
Douglas L. Robbins, FSA, MAAA   
William M. Sayre, FSA, MAAA   
Eric S. Schwartz, FSA, MAAA   
Vikas Sharan, FSA, FIA, MAAA   
Stephen G. Smith, FSA, MAAA   
Marc Slutzky, FSA, CERA, MAAA, FCA   
Katrina E. Spillane, FSA, MAAA   
Bruce A. Stahl, ASA, MAAA  
Fei Xie, FSA, FCIA   
Jacqueline F. Yang, FSA, MAAA, ACIA