Announcement: SOA releases April 2022 Exam PA passing candidate numbers.
Announcement: SOA congratulates the new ASAs and CERAs for June 2022.


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Health Meeting Program Committee

Thank you to the following members who were instrumental in arranging this program:


Ashlee Mouton Borcan, FSA, MAAA Meeting Chair
Gregory G. Fann, FSA, FCA, MAAA Meeting Vice-Chair
Richard S. Pawelski, FSA, CERA, MAAA Meeting Vice-Chair
Timothy van Laarhoven, ASA, MAAA
Actuary of the Future Section
Charles S. Fuhrer, FSA, FCA, MAAA Education & Research Section
Ian G. Duncan, FSA, FCA, FCIA, FIA, MAAA Education & Research Section
Melissa Carruthers, FSA, FCIA Entrepreneurial & Innovation Section
Lori Weyuker, ASA, MAAA Entrepreneurial & Innovation Section
Daniel D. Skwire, FSA, MAAA Health Section Special Interest Group – Disability
Leo Tinkham Health Section Special Interest Group – Disability 
Mario E. DiCaro, FCAS, MAAA Joint Risk Management Section
Tim Weist, CERA, FCAS, MAAA  Joint Risk Management Section 
Frank G. Reynolds, FSA, FCIA, MAAA  Joint Risk Management Section 
Rebecca Tipton, FSA, MAAA  Long Term Care Section
Joanne Ryan, FSA, MAAA Leadership & Development Section
Manoj Kumar Gandhi, FSA, FCIA Marketing & Distribution Section
Kamran A. Malik, ASA, MAAA     Marketing & Distribution Section
Anders Larson, FSA, MAAA Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section
Katrina E. Spillane, FSA, MAAA Reinsurance Section
Ali A. Zaker-Shahrak, FSA, MAAA  Social Insurance & Public Finance Section 
Mark D. Africa, ASA, MAAA         Technology Section