Announcement: SOA congratulates the new ASAs and CERAs for May 2022.

Seminar Preparation Resources

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The seminar instructors have provided the following suggested preparation resources and reading list for participants planning to attend the SOA’s Health Predictive Analytics Seminar:

  1. Before the seminar, become familiar with R. 
  2. Very useful sources including instructions for downloading R and using packages:

    Useful books:

    R in Action (Kabacoff). Published by Manning.
    R Cookbook (Teetor). Published by O’Reilly
    Jed Frees’s book on predictive modeling applications:

  3. Also refresh your memory of basic statistics using any text of your choice. Here is a free basic stats text:
  4. Introductory text on health data and some applications:
    Risk Adjustment and Predictive Modeling (2nd Ed.) (Duncan) Actex Publications
  5. There are several good texts on survival modeling.  Here is one suggestion: Modeling Survival Data in Medical Research (Collett; 2nd ed.) Chapman & Hall/CRC
  6. Introductory Time series in R:
  7. Popular machine learning free text in R with little algebra:
  8.  Other:

Additional resources and materials will be provided to seminar registrants.