Effective Implementation of Stochastic Modeling Efficiency Techniques (A Case Study) Webcast

June 12, 2018


Results-Oriented Solutions


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Education & Research and Modeling Sections


Noon – 1:15 p.m. ET


This webcast takes place via the Internet.

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Who Should Participate

Members of the Education & Research and Modeling sections and all others with an interest in a better understanding of effective implementation of stochastic modeling efficiency techniques. 


Modeling efficiency techniques in concert with increasingly complex modeling demands continue to evolve for life insurance and annuities. The insurance industry strives in engineering more sophisticated and innovative life and annuity products; this drives the need and increased demand for robust risk and capital measures in real time. Accordingly, requirements and effective implementation of modeling efficiency methodologies continue to expand.

This webcast is a collaborative effort between leading-edge stochastic modeling experts who disseminate best practices they know and use. A real-life case study of forecasting internal required capital is used to show how creative solutions can be developed and deployed to accomplish what seems impossible. 

The webcast organizers hope this webcast can help further modeling efficiency techniques and practices across insurance lines and create a platform for future collaborative dialogue and learning.

How the live webcast works and what it includes

You do not need any special equipment. On June 11, 2018, before 2:00 p.m. ET you will be sent detailed webcast instructions via email including the Web address for accessing the live-streaming broadcast presentation. Any handouts that are available will also be sent.

Please review the  technical requirement sheet for the webcast platform with your IT department and make sure there aren’t firewall issues with audio streaming through your computers. You can test your computer using the following link to ensure the audio streaming is working properly.

In addition, if you have Windows 7, we recommend using Firefox, Chrome or Edge - not Internet Explorer 11 – in order to avoid problems with streaming audio.