Overview of VM-22, SOA Website Regulatory and Other Timely Financial Reporting Hot Topics Webcast


April 25, 2018

  • External Forces & Industry Knowledge
  • Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving


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Financial Reporting Section


Noon – 1:15 p.m. ET


This webcast takes place via the Internet.

Registration Fees

Registration is now closed. The SOA Customer Service Center is available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CDT. Please call +1-888-697-3900.

Who Should Participate

Members of the Financial Reporting and Modeling sections and all others with an interest in a better understanding of valuation interest rates for income annuities and the SOA tools available to new and emerging financial reporting and valuation regulations. 


This webcast will provide an in-depth overview of the maximum U.S. statutory interest rate for income annuities as outlined in VM-22 and the SOA’s Regulatory Resource tool on the SOA website. At the conclusion, attendees will have a better understanding of valuation interest rates for income annuities and the SOA tools available to track new and emerging financial reporting and valuation regulations.

How the live webcast works and what it includes

You do not need any special equipment. On April 24, 201, before 2:00 p.m. ET you will be sent detailed webcast instructions via email including the Web address for accessing the live-streaming broadcast presentation. Any handouts that are available will also be sent.

Please review the  technical requirement sheet for the webcast platform with your IT department and make sure there aren’t firewall issues with audio streaming through your computers. You can test your computer using the following  link to ensure the audio streaming is working properly.

In addition, if you have Windows 7, we recommend using Firefox, Chrome or Edge - not Internet Explorer 11 – in order to avoid problems with streaming audio.





Demonstrating the listening, writing and speaking skills required to effectively address diverse technical and nontechnical audiences in both formal and informal settings.

Professional Values

Adhering to standards of professional conduct and practice where all business interactions are based on a foundation of integrity, honesty and impartiality.

External Forces & Industry Knowledge

Identifying and incorporating the implications of economic, social, regulatory, geo-political and business changes into the design and delivery of actuarial solutions.


Initiating, innovating, inspiring, creating or otherwise acting to influence others regardless of level or role toward a common goal.

Relationship Management & Interpersonal Collaboration

Creating mutually beneficial relationships and work processes toward a common goal.

Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving

Applying the actuarial knowledge, skills and judgment required to provide value-added services.

Strategic Insight & Integration

Anticipating trends and strategically aligning actuarial practice with broader organizational business goals.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Providing effective problem solving that addresses relevant interests and needs.