Predictive Analytics Seminar – Malaysia


August 27, 2018


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Communication
  • External Forces & Industry Knowledge
  • Professional Values
  • Results-Oriented Solutions
  • Strategic Insight and Integration
  • Strategic Insight and Integration
  • Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving

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with the support of the Actuarial Society of Malaysia (ASM)

Registration is now closed. The SOA Customer Service Center is available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CDT. Please call +1-888-697-3900.

“Predictive Analytics – Making Your Data Work for You.”

The predictive analytics market growth in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region has been rapidly gaining momentum and is expected to expand exponentially in the coming years. Rising awareness and use of predictive analytics can be attributed to the continuous emphasis of companies to enhance customer service and productivity in order to edge out competition and drive revenue growth. To get actuaries up to speed with this trend, the SOA is conducting the first-ever SOA Predictive Analytics Seminar in Malaysia on 27 August 2018.

The SOA is very honored to receive support from the Actuarial Society of Malaysia (ASM) for this Seminar.

This seminar intends to provide a learning and networking platform in the Asia-Pacific for members and non-members to share their experiences in predictive analytics topics. It will offer:

  • Professional sessions to share best practices and help attendees better prepare for future developments;
  • An opportunity to earn valuable CPD credits;
  • Opportunity to meet with industry practitioners;
  • Sponsorship opportunities;
  • Premier and exciting location; and
  • Networking opportunities.

Educational Objectives

  • Provide an overview of predictive analytics applications in the insurance industries in areas of marketing, claims management, distribution management and other areas to solve business problems.
  • The experts shall leverage on case studies, success stories and lessons learnt to illustrate content of predictive analytics.

Audience Experience Level

All levels of experience

Target Audience

Actuaries, insurance, finance and investment practitioners, along with other industry professionals practicing in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as all interested professionals from all round the world.




Demonstrating the listening, writing and speaking skills required to effectively address diverse technical and nontechnical audiences in both formal and informal settings.

Professional Values

Adhering to standards of professional conduct and practice where all business interactions are based on a foundation of integrity, honesty and impartiality.

External Forces & Industry Knowledge

Identifying and incorporating the implications of economic, social, regulatory, geo-political and business changes into the design and delivery of actuarial solutions.


Initiating, innovating, inspiring, creating or otherwise acting to influence others regardless of level or role toward a common goal.

Relationship Management & Interpersonal Collaboration

Creating mutually beneficial relationships and work processes toward a common goal.

Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving

Applying the actuarial knowledge, skills and judgment required to provide value-added services.

Strategic Insight & Integration

Anticipating trends and strategically aligning actuarial practice with broader organizational business goals.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Providing effective problem solving that addresses relevant interests and needs.