US GAAP Basics – Deferred Annuities Webcast

March 22, 2018


Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving


Presented by

Financial Reporting Section and PolySystems


Noon – 1:30 p.m. ET


This webcast takes place via the Internet.

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Who Should Participate

Members of the Financial Reporting, Modeling, Product Development, and Smaller Insurance Company sections, as well as all actuaries interested in or involved with U.S. GAAP for deferred annuities.


This webcast reviews basic GAAP reporting principles for deferred annuities.  It is the third in a three-part series of webcasts on the basics of U.S. GAAP sponsored by the Financial Reporting Section and PolySystems. The series will highlight key GAAP content from the more in-depth, full-day reserves seminars jointly sponsored by the SOA and PolySystems each June.  The three webcasts in the series are as follows:

GAAP Basics – Traditional Life (Thursday, March 8)

GAAP Basics – Universal Life (Wednesday, March 14)

GAAP Basics – Deferred Annuities (Thursday, March 22)

Each webcast in the series features GAAP valuation examples that build upon one another to illustrate the basic application of GAAP reporting principles to sample policies.

Key topics in this webcast on deferred annuities include the following: GAAP valuation models for deferred annuities, reserves for indexed annuities, development of expected gross profits, reserves for excess benefits, and the amortization of DAC and bonus amounts.

Whether you are new to GAAP or looking for an up-to-date refresher, this webcast will quickly bring you up to speed with the basic principles governing GAAP for deferred annuities.

How the live webcast works and what it includes

You do not need any special equipment. On March 21, 2018, before 2:00 p.m. ET you will be sent detailed webcast instructions via email including the Web address for accessing the live-streaming broadcast presentation. Any handouts that are available will also be sent.

Please review the technical requirement sheet for the webcast platform with your IT department and make sure there aren’t firewall issues with audio streaming through your computers. You can test your computer using the following link to ensure the audio streaming is working properly.

In addition, if you have Windows 7, we recommend using Firefox, Chrome or Edge - not Internet Explorer 11 – in order to avoid problems with streaming audio.