V92 – Value Based Care: The Role of the Health Care Provider Actuary

June 26, 2018


Results-Oriented Solutions


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Health Section


3:15–4:45 p.m. ET


This virtual session takes place via the Internet.

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This session will consist of real-life learnings and discussions that relate directly to the SOA ‘Value-Based Care’ initiative  - The Role of the Health Care Provider Actuary, a Strategic Initiative of the SOA Health Section.  The initiative’s focus is on building the necessary foundation for health care actuaries to support health care providers in managing their value- based care arrangements.  See the article “Value-Based Care: The Role of the Health Care Provider Actuary” in the February 2018 edition of Health Watch for further information. The learnings will be delivered by a panel of experts who support providers in a multitude of subject areas.

Participants should have a better understanding of the current provider environment and how their business is changing as a result of external influences like ACA, MACRA, etc. They should come away with a clear understanding of the skill sets (high level) that are needed for providers to be successful in the new VBC world, particularly which of these skills are currently being fulfilled by actuaries and which are expected to increase in demand in the future.

How the live virtual session works and what it includes

Connect to the Internet to participate in the session as it takes place at the 2018 SOA Health Meeting in Austin. The virtual broadcast streams the video, audio and PowerPoint slides through your computer during the session. As a virtual participant, you will be allowed to interact and submit your questions through a chat box for live response during the session.

You do not need any special equipment. On June 22, 2018,, before 2:00 p.m. ET you will be sent detailed virtual session instructions via email including the Web address for accessing the live-streaming broadcast presentation. Any handouts that are available will also be sent.

Please review the technical requirement sheet for the virtual session platform with your IT department and make sure there aren’t firewall issues with audio streaming through your computers. You can test your computer using the following link to ensure the audio streaming is working properly.