Presenter Opportunities and Resources

Becoming a Society of Actuaries (SOA) speaker, presenter or moderator is a positive way to share your specialized knowledge, hard-earned expertise and general enthusiasm for an actuarial-related topic.

  • If you've never presented for the SOA before, start the process with a  self-assessment form that asks you to rate your speaking skills and examine the suitability of your presentation topic.
  • Once you've taken this pre-presentation self-assessment, you may apply to become an SOA speaker, presenter or moderator.  Download information about the presentation submission process.

If you're accepted, we have a variety of tools and resources you can use to help you create a meaningful presentation for your peers.

Moderator Resources

SOA Presentation Tools and Resources

  • Practical tips (audio presentation): Listen to this 30-minute  audio recording to get practical tips on how to be an effective moderator. You can also follow along with the  slideshow.
  • Competency framework planning worksheet: Use this template to help brainstorm ideas for session topics that are aligned with the SOA Competency Framework and the eight core competencies.
  • Planning workbook: The  Creating Meeting Content Workbook contains many worksheets to help you plan and organize your presentation, including:
  • Presentation tips and techniques: These presentation tips help refine the quality of your slideshow and other content. It also provides guidelines on the use of font size, graphics and animation in your presentation.
  • Virtual session performance and production tips: Since you'll be the center of attention during your presentation, our virtual session presenter checklist covers how to dress, how to position yourself in front of the camera, how to run a question and answer session and more.
  • Podcast presentation tips and techniques: This podcast series provides a quick review of presentation tips and techniques. Subscribe to the SOA Podcast Channel and download the podcasts for on-the-go access. You can also listen to them online.

SOA Presentation Do's and Don'ts

After Your SOA Presentation

Once your presentation is complete, it's a good idea to go back and evaluate how it went. Ask your co-presenters and/or moderator to rate your performance, using this form.

SOA Professional Development Standard Policy Documents

The SOA has standard policies in place on antitrust, publishing/copyright and presentation standards. Make sure you're familiar with these SOA policies: