SOA Webcast Subscription Program - New Package Available

Promote professional learning, while enjoying free webcasts! As a corporate webcast program subscriber, your team gains access to a fixed number of webcasts on a range of actuarial and professional topics. While pricing structures refer to the number of SOA credentialed actuaries you have on staff, the webcast attendance within your subscription package is open to all employees. This offers your team members – in actuarial positions and beyond – access to trusted, informative live webcasts that keep them current on the latest topics and trends.

Benefits of Securing a Subscription Include:

  • Unlimited number of participants; unlimited number of locations
  • Permission to rebroadcast to internal audiences, using your organization’s technology
  • Ability to share a complimentary registration link with internal audiences
  • NEW – SOA Research Institute produced webcasts are now included!
Number of SOA Credentialed Actuaries Single Webcast 7-Webcast Package* 14-Webcast Package** New 21 Webcast Package***
7 to 25 $600 $3,600 $6,600 $9,600
26 to 100 $750 $4,300 $8,000 $12,000
101 to 400 $1,100 $6,450 $12,000 $17,600
401+ $1,650 $9,700 $18,000 $26,400
*Purchase six and get one free, **Purchase 11 and get three free, ***Purchase 17 and get four free 

*Subscriptions are valid for one year from date of purchase. Purchase is non-refundable and credit for unused webcasts will not be given after the subscription year ends.

Subscribe to Your Corporate Webcast Package Today

Ready to place your corporate subscription order now? Click on the desired package below and place your order directly through our online store. As the designated contact person, orders must be placed under your account or, as a new feature, a general email address ( you create in your system. This will allow multiple, approved users at your organization to easily place orders themselves. Please email for additional details.  

Your organization is responsible for coordinating webcast attendance for your team. A recording of each webcast is included in your subscription package selection and will be provided to your designated contact person, ensuring your team members can take part in professional development at any time.

7 Webcast Package

14 Webcast Package

21 Webcast Package

If paying with by check, Complete the Corporate Webcast Subscription order form and select your webcast package. Once the subscription is processed, the contact you designate at your organization will receive an invoice and details on webcast registration for your team.

To learn more about the SOA Corporate Webcast Subscription Program, email SOA at