Research and Reality – A Literature Review on Drawing Down Retirement Financial Savings

Research Projects – Pension

The Pension Section is pleased to make available a research report examining the drawdown of retirement savings. The report was written by Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald, Bruce Jones, Richard Morrison, Robert Brown, and Mary Hardy.

The report can be accessed by clicking on the link to the right. In addition, the report has been published in the NAAJ.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the report, please contact Steve Siegel, Research Actuary at

The Pension Section would like to thank the following individuals for their input and review:

  • Michael Archer
  • Gavin Benjamin
  • Kevin Binder
  • Carol Bogosian
  • Judith Chan
  • Ian Genno
  • Eric Keener
  • Cindy Levering
  • Tom Lowman
  • Dylan Porter
  • Andy Peterson, Pension Staff Fellow
  • Steve Siegel, Research Actuary
  • Barbara Scott, Research Administrator


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