ARCH Table of Contents 2005.1

ARCH Table of Contents 2005.1

  • 2005.1 Proceedings
  • The University of Iowa
  • Iowa City, IA
  • August 4–7, 2004
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Table of Contents


Actuarial and Statistical Models

  • Complexity and Complex Adaptive Systems: Applications for Actuarial Science, Finance and Risk Management
  • R. Gorvett ( Abstract Only)
  • Managing Catastrophe Risk: An Actuarial Approach
  • J. Ren ( Abstract Only)
  • Modeling Insurance Losses Resulting from National Catastrophes
  • M. Boudreault, H. Cossette and - Marceau ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)
  • Modeling of Economic Series Coordinated with Interest Rate Scenarios: A progress report on research sponsored by the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries
  • K. Ahlgrim, S. D'Arcy, R. Gorvett ( Complete Article)
  • VaR and CTE under Multivariate Pareto Distributions
  • Y. Hu ( Abstract Only)
  • Variance of the Loss for Term and Pure Endowment in Actuarial Notation
  • S. Viveros ( Abstract Only)
  • Hattendorff Theorem-Yet Another Look
  • N.D.S. Kumar ( Abstract Only)
  • Symbolic Computation of Moments of Loss Random Variables in Discrete Time
  • B. Jones ( Abstract Only)
  • Smooth Monte Carlo Method for Diffusion Processes
  • A. Kolkiewicz ( Abstract Only)
  • Empirical Analysis of Representative Scenario Sampling Algorithms
  • Y. Zhu ( Abstract Only)
  • Estimators for a Generalized Poisson Autoregressive Process of Order 1
  • L. Doray ( Abstract Only)
  • Claims Reserving when there are Negative Values in the Runoff Triangle: Bayesian Analysis Using the Three-parameter Log-normal Distribution
  • E. de Alba and G. Atondo ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)


  • Current Board of Governors Issues of Interest to Academic Actuaries: Accreditation of University Actuarial Program and Alternate Route
  • R. London ( Presentation Slides)
  • Capital Allocation in Insurance: Economic Capital and the Allocation of the Default Option Value
  • M. Sherris and J. van der Hoek ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)
  • Optimal Asset Allocation and Ruin-Minimization Annuitization Strategies
  • M. Milevsky, K. Moore and V. Young ( Abstract Only)
  • Analysis of the ruin probability using Laplace transforms and Karamata Tauberian theorem
  • C. Constantinescu and E. Thomann ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)
  • On the Existence of an Optimal Regression Complexity in the Least-Square Monte Carlo (LSM) Framework for Options Pricing
  • Y. Zhou ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)
  • Optimal Consumption Strategy in the Presence of Default Risk: Discrete-time Case
  • K.C. Cheung ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)
  • Risk Capital Decomposition for a Multivariate Dependent Gamma Portfolio
  • E. Furman and Z. Landsman ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)

Insurance Topics

  • The Economic Aspects of Life Insurance Backdating
  • J. Carson, C. Clark and K. Ostaszewski ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)

Mortality Issues

  • Fitting and Forecasting Mortality Rates for Nordic Countries Using the Lee-Carter Model
  • M.C. Koissi ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)
  • Modeling Future Mortality Risk from Exposure to a Sudden Extreme Situation and Its Impact on Life Insurance
  • Y. Hu and S. Cox ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)
  • Development and Application of the Prospective Mortality Tables in Actuarial Science
  • H. Cossette, A. Delwarde, M. Denuit, F. Guillot and E. Marceau ( Abstract Only)
  • Development of Cohort Life Tables for "Other Causes" for Use in Simulation Modeling
  • M. Rosenberg ( Abstract Only)


Price Theory

  • Indifference Pricing via the Probability of Ruin
  • V. Young and S.D. Promislow ( Abstract Only)
  • Pricing Equity Linked Pure Endowments with Risky Asset Following Levy Processes
  • S. Jaimungal and V. Young ( Abstract Only)
  • Game Theoretic Analysis of Competitive Rate Setting
  • G. Slone and S. Craighead ( Abstract Only)
  • Price Regulation in the Automobile Insurance Market: A Discrete-time Markov Chain Model
  • A. Milidonis ( Abstract Only)

Ruin Theory

  • Effects of Dependence among Claim Vectors on the Ruin Probability in a Multi-dimensional Risk Model
  • Q. Zhen ( Abstract Only)
  • On Time Value of Ruin in a Sparre Andersen Model: Ruin Theory by Divided Differences
  • H. Gerber and E. Shiu ( Abstract) or ( Complete Article)
  • Ruin Probabilities in the Compound Binomial Model Defined in a Markovian Environment
  • H. Cossette, D. Landriault and - Marceau ( Abstract Only)