2005-07 Individual Life Experience Report

Experience Studies – Individual Life

The Individual Life Experience Committee has completed their latest report on intercompany mortality experience by amount of insurance under standard individually underwritten issues. This study includes policy years 2005-07.

In the 2002-04 and 2004-05 Studies, the Milliman Extension to the 1975-80 Basic Tables was used. This extended data through issue age 87. For this study, a further extension to issue age 99 was used. This can be found in the spreadsheet titled "Issue Age 99 1975-80 Basic Table Extension."

The four zipped files found on this page contain Excel pivot tables that provide more detail of the data summarized in the above report. Please note that these pivot tables are quite large and may require an advanced implementation of Excel to work fully.

Note the preferred data is a subset of the aggregate data.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jack Luff, SOA Experience Studies Actuary, at 847.706.3571 or jluff@soa.org.