Guidelines for Requesting Funding from the SOA’s Current Events Research Pool

2020 Current Events Pool


The Society of Actuaries (SOA) Research Executive Committee has established a pool of special funding called the Current Events Research Pool.  The goal of this special funding is to support current event and emerging topics in established practice areas and encourage the development of research projects that have strong impact on the actuarial profession.  Examples may include topics such as new or emerging regulations or changes in risk assessment methods.  For 2020, the Current Events Research Pool has been budgeted at $100,000.

Applications for the Current Events Research Pool are available to SOA entities (research committees, sections, etc.) that do not otherwise have access to funds through one of the Strategic Research Programs.  Strategic Research Program Committees should first seek funding through program channels prior to contemplating an application to the Current Events Research Pool.

Applications should be vetted in advance by the submitting entity as being both important and impactful to actuarial practice. Applications may consider full support from the Pool, or a sharing of cost between the pool and the applying entity.


Current Events Pool Entity Application


For questions on the application process, please e-mail