SOA Research Expanding Boundaries (REX) Funding Pool

Guidelines for Requesting Funding from the SOA’s “Research Expanding Boundaries” Pool (“REX Pool”)

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) Board of Directors has established a pool of special funding called the “Research Expanding Boundaries Pool”, or “REX Pool”, to support a research strategy that includes a focus on increasing the amount of impactful research produced by the SOA. The REX Pool has been budgeted at $150,000.  The goal of this special funding is to encourage the development of more multi-year, multi-phase projects that advance the profession through expansion of practice across traditional practice-area boundaries, addressing issues relating to public policy, and/or addressing actuarial issues of broad societal interest.

Applications for the REX pool funding follow one of two paths:

  • Path One: Applications received from an eligible SOA entity, such as an established SOA Research committee. The application and related information for an SOA entity applying for funding can be found here.

    NOTE: Eligible SOA entities are those that do not otherwise have access to funds through one of the Strategic Research Programs. Strategic Research Program Committees should first seek funding through program channels prior to contemplating an application to the REX Pool.

    Researchers may also consider contacting an SOA entity directly to discuss potential collaboration with the entity on an idea or proposal. In such cases, the SOA entity would submit an application using the entity form. The entity would most likely intend the researcher to do the proposed work and would indicate this intention on the application.  This is different than Path Two described below where a researcher applies directly to the REX pool.

  • Path Two: Applications received directly from a researcher primarily in response to a Request for Proposals issued by the SOA Research Executive Committee. The application and related information for a researcher applying directly can be found here. Researchers must include a formal proposal with their application.


For questions on the appropriate path for an application, please e-mail