SOA REX Pool Frequently Asked Questions – Entity


What are the key areas that the REX Pool will target?

In October 2011, the SOA’s Board of Directors (the Board) established the Research Expanding Boundaries Pool (“REX Pool”) to support a research strategy focusing on increasing the amount of impactful research produced by the SOA.


Who is eligible to submit an application for funding to the REX Pool?

Applications for funding to the REX pool are available to SOA entities (research committees, sections, etc.), that do not otherwise have access to funds through one of the Strategic Research Programs. Strategic Research Program Committees should first seek funding through program channels prior to contemplating an application to the REX Pool.


How may an eligible entity receive feedback on a research idea prior to submitting an application?

During the monthly REX Pool meeting, the REC reserves time to provide guidance and informal advice to an eligible entity on the suitability of an idea or proposal being considered for formal application and submission. 


If an application is rejected by the REC for REX Pool funding, can it be resubmitted at a later date?

If an application is rejected, the REC will provide feedback to the entity as to why it was rejected.  Declined applications may be resubmitted after addressing REC feedback. Applications which are declined may also seek funding from alternate sources other than the REX Pool.


Are there limits to the amount of funding that can be requested?

There are no minimum or maximum limits to the amount of funding that can be requested. However, funding is subject to available resources. The REC expects that funding requests will typically range from $40,000 to $100,000, or more for multi-stage projects.  Funding requests that exceed the range may require additional consideration or evaluation from the REC.


Once a research committee or section has approved a project idea, an RFP is usually developed and issued to generate proposals from which a researcher is selected. At what point in the project development process can an entity apply for funding?

Requests for funding will be accepted at any point throughout the research idea and project development process. The application includes a question to clarify at which stage of the process the idea or proposal stands and whether a management structure is in place.


Is it beneficial to have co-funding?

Applications are not required to have co-funding for the REC to consider the idea for funding consideration. While co-funding of the research is not necessary, it will be helpful to the REC to know whether and how entities are sharing a stake in the research.


Who will have ownership of the research deliverable(s)?

The SOA plans to hold the copyright to the research and to publish the results with appropriate credit given to the researcher(s).